Labeling & Renaming Video Clips in Windows Movie Maker

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Video Clips

When you are working with your Windows Movie Maker Collections it is important to keep each clip in order with priority, maintaining proper titling on each one. Your Windows Movie Maker video clips need to be accessible for different uses, which mean you have to know how to find them and where they will be. The best way to do this is to label all of the Windows Movie Maker video clips in the Collections individually and so that they fit into a collective whole.


When you have a Collection full of clips there are a few different ways to rename the clip. Go ahead and find the video clip you want to change the name of and select it. Right click on it and go down to Properties at the bottom of the pull down menu. In this Properties menu you will find a number of different details about the video clip, including the start and stop times, file type, bit rate, and exact hard drive location. At the top is the proper title of the video clip and you can then type in this box. Highlight the text that is there, delete it, and enter a new body of text. Then hit Apply and OK at the bottom of the window. Another way to rename a clip is to click the text under the clip icon a couple of times until it becomes highlighted. Then you can delete what is there and you can then type in a new title.


When you are labeling these Windows Movie Maker video clips you need to think about specifics and the greater whole. Try giving a label that will indicate the source clip as well as the single clips position in the whole. Make sure that you indicate what is on the clip, but also in a quick way for instant reference. The best way to do this is to just put the name of the source clip and a number for its position in the chronological order of video clips. From here you can create a video log so that you can look up what is on each number or compare for a paper edit.