Filming for Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Movie Maker Specific

Though most editing programs rest on the same principles all ask you do to certain things during your video production to make it optimum for editing. Some of these principles are going to be true for all editing applications you try and use and some of them are specific to your software. Windows Movie Maker asks some specific points to be made when filming your video that will help you once you capture it and prepare for editing.


To give focus in the image Windows Movie Maker asks that you limit the distracting nature of the background. This means using a still background without too much object in it. Much of this comes from the lack of image control that Windows Movie Maker gives you to focus in on parts of the image. Usually you want a background that has enough color to give the image balance and interest, but when editing in Windows Movie Maker you may want to limit this a little bit. It suggests that you try and limit your depth of field to achieve this. The over all purpose is to lower the amount of “data change” that your images have.


You are also going to want to cut down on the amount of contrast you have in the image. This raises the level of data and creates polarities in color for the image, which is harder to process. Keep the light at a sufficient level and work toward using diffusion. The same idea is true when choosing clothing or covers of objects in the frame. Avoid colors that will make the subject’s skin tone blend in but also be too bright. Find a nice middle ground between the two extremes.


Part of lowering the data change is keeping the image stable. If it moves around too much then it will be of a higher volume and be harder to process in Windows Movie Maker. Use a tripod or other stabilizing peripherals to cut down on the shakiness that comes with hand held camera use.


Try to make the image as accurate in terms of color and construction as possible because it is best to already have your video be the way you want it to appear. Windows Movie Maker limits image control so you need to be planning your images as close as possible.