Buying a Video Editing Keyboard: Find the Best Video Editing Quipment to Use for Your Computer

Your Computer

For those who do a lot of video editing the computer equipment is crucial because they are the vehicle by which they express their creative decisions. For those who work quickly and intuitively with the editing software the keyboard becomes especially important because their work ends up being a collage of key commands and shortcuts. If you are thinking about upgrading your peripherals to coincide with your shift toward extensive video editing then taking a look at the perfect keyboard is a great place to start.

Lose Ergonomics

The first thing to remember is that ergonomics are not necessarily important in this situation. The reason is that ergonomic designs are meant to make you feel more comfortable when you are typing in large volume, but not so much when you are turning to the keyboard for quick editing commands. This will actually make it more complicated because you will have to visually reference the keyboard because the keys are positioned at an angle. That positioning makes perfect sense when your hands are sitting at the keyboard for most of the time, but not when you are going back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse. This kind of keyboard is too expensive and will just work against you in this situation.

Specialized Keyboards

The best choice you can make is to get a keyboard devoted to your software. These are keyboards that have different colored keys and commands right on them for quick reference when you actually are working. For example, the Final Cut Pro keyboard has a rainbow of different colors so your can easily remember where commands are as well as having specifics listed on each key. This makes working and learning much easier, but really only help if you are going to be doing almost nothing but video editing. If this is also an office or family computer you really should work against this idea. If that is the case you can get keyboard covers that you can easily put on and off and still have the same shortcut listings.

No Wireless

Wireless keyboards can be good for some situations, but video editing is not one of them. You are going to need to be sitting close to the computer and monitor any way so this ends up being a feature with little benefit. They have easy interference, batteries run out quickly, and are somewhat expensive. Since you need to be using the keyboard repeatedly, require accuracy, and are already likely spending your savings on expensive video editing software, this is really the kind of added expense you can avoid.