The Top Film Distributors & Film Production Companies of Brazil

South of the Border

In an increasingly globalized film production market, it is important for new film school graduates and other people looking to break into the industry to take a look outside of the U.S. borders. Every continent has emerging video production markets dealing with a diverse range of different needs, from conventional film production to motion graphics to internet multimedia content. Production companies are showing up everywhere and creating opportunities, if you have the right skills and know where to look. One of these places is Brazil, and there are some very prominent production companies that have began to make their mark. Here is a list of some of the most notable film production companies in Brazil today.


Rio de Janeiro is still one of the most important international cities in Brazil and is home to Lumiere, which is one of the most prominent film production companies in Brazil. Lumiere became well known because of its production deal with Miramax starting in the 1990s and its production City of God, which had an incredible success in North America followed by a great deal of award recognition. The production company is extended all the way to distribution of its independent film projects. The company has seen international investment and is going to mark itself as one of the prime art house production companies globally, partially because of its focus on quality rather than quantity.

O2 Films

City of God was also produced by O2 Films, a film production company in Brazil that also focuses on creative feature film work and does collaborations with other internationally oriented production companies. Since then O2 Films has jumped into a range of different platforms such as documentaries about soccer and television programs distributed stateside through a deal with HBO. This focus on the international, rather than Brazilian focus, came with Blindness starring Julianne Moore. Right now they are maintaining their connection with Brazil by consistently developing Spanish language projects while coming together without foreign companies for joint productions.

Globo Filmes

As Brazil has a burgeoning film production community some of the film production companies of Brazil do focus on that market specifically. Globo Filmes is known for taking a dominant role among the Brazilian made films in the country, which stands out for a country that focuses so greatly on international content. The company is seeing a consistent output of films on a yearly basis and their library is one of the fastest growing, much of which is responsible for the new outgrowth of Brazilian film markets around the world today.

Video Filmes

Video Filmes is better known as a distribution company than a production company of Brazil, but it has seventy three titles approved as distributor from the IMDb. This stands as a testament to the stability and consistency of Video Filmes, with a track record ranging back to 1958. In 1987 they made their real debut as a Brazilian and international production company with a documentary about environmentalist Franz Krajcberg. Right now Video Filmes is going to be one of the best places to start in distribution in Brazil, and really in all of the Latin markets as the Brazilian film community grows out.

Diler & Associados

In the same way that Globo Filmes is helping to define film consumption in Brazil, Diler & Associates is a Brazilian production company that is being commended for the amount of viable film content it provides. What Diler & Associates does with their projects is develop them from beginning to end, holding on to their content for release. This has been of an incredible success for them as they have been labeled the top production company in terms of the release of "blockbuster" films that have incredible returns within the country. In a lot of ways, Diler & Associates is the production company to keep focusing on as they are going to be constantly expanding and developing new projects because of their successes.