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Is digital video your passion? Do you find yourself frequently searching for the latest video editing tips, the newest software, the most recent digital camera reviews? Do you strive to dazzle your friends and family with your latest DVD or YouTube sensation? You’re not alone!At’s Video channel, you can indulge your passion for all things video. You’ll find constantly updated content on subjects near and dear to your heart. Learn, grow and share your video editing highs…and lows. Suggest articles. Ask questions. Share your codec and file conversion frustrations. Others will feel your pain. Overcome your obstacles and others will applaud your successes.Managing editor Rhonda Callow will be your conductor and fellow traveler on this video editing journey. So, join in! Bring your video editing skills to new heights at

Film Production Equipment Guide

Trying to find the best equipment for your movie? Are you having trouble finding the right camera for each shot? The right film production equipment can make the difference for a production.Whether you are a seasoned director or a student filmmaker, this equipment guide will help you.

25 Movies That Changed The World

At least one movie has affected every one of us in our lifetime. Covered here are 25 of the all time best movies that have changed the world in one way or another. See if your list matches ours.

Back to the Basics: Top 10 Common Video Mistakes

Shooting a movie requires both technical and creative skills to tell a good story. During the shoot, any or both of these may be overlooked because of varying reasons. Common mistakes the production encounters when filming are often due to stress or compromises caused by limited time or resources.

The Complete Guide to Apple Compressor Tutorials

Apple Compressor, which is the video compression and conversion component of the Final Cut Studio, is a professional-level program that has a very welcoming interface. Here are some complete tutorials that are going to help you learn the software, and how to perform specific tasks within it.

A Comprehensive Guide to Film Production for Beginners

Making a movie can be a lot of fun but it’s the producers who have to make sure that it is completed and of a good enough quality to sell to make investors their money back. From hiring a crew to the production and eventual distribution of the film, here are tips for beginner film producers.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Film Just About Anything

When you decide you want to try to learn the trade of a filmmaker, there is a lot of room to stumble. Whether you want to make movies, music videos or just shoot someone’s wedding, there are many who have traveled the road before. Here are tips to the trade to help get you started as a filmmaker.

A Guide to Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe presents editors with one of the most powerful tools for video editing: After Effects. With the ability to create graphics and animate projects to achieve almost any goal, the software is massive and the learning curve is steep. Here are several tutorials to help beginners master the software.

A Complete Guide to Budget Filmmaking

When setting out to make a movie, you don’t have to have millions of dollars on hand for the production. Many people make movies every year for little to no out-of-pocket expenses. From pre-production to the filmmaking process itself, here is a guide to making your own low budget movie.

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing

Sitting down to edit a video can feel overwhelming thanks to all the tools and techniques available to editors. While there seems to be an abundance of information to learn, here are the best tutorials to help you get your project off the ground and onto the screen.

Ultimate Guide to Final Cut Pro Tutorials

Final Cut Pro has developed itself into one of the most prevalent video editing programs, even stealing some of the thunder from the industry favorites. The software is intricate, and will require you to learn a number of different areas. Take a look at these tutorials to learn how the tools.

A Complete Guide to iMovie Tutorials

Mac users will find that the iLife package makes creating and altering their own media a practical possibility. iMovie is the simple video editing option here, and can be used by digital video newbies. Here are several helpful tutorials that will get you started and answer your iMovie questions.