Printing & Scanning

Get expert tips on scanning images and documents for the best quality result. Also find tips on printing pages, letters, pamphlets and more written by and for desktop publishing. Read reviews of laser jet and ink jet printers, scanners and other tools of the trade. Everything from screen printing to scanning old photographs and more is covered at at Bright Hub's desktop publishing channel.

Hexachrome Color Space

While it may not be an everyday color choice for most desktop publishers, the hexachrome color space offers a more vivid range of colors than the standard CMYK gamut does.

Web to Print Transition

Web to print transition is often understood in terms of comparing web layouts with print layouts. But, there is much more to it. A creative designer will actually have to understand the web to print transition and use them as varying attributes to sharpen their own creative skills.

VistaPrint: A Smart Solution for Small Businesses?

VistaPrint is a graphic design and online printing company that can handle virtually any of your desktop publishing projects and the big advantage to using its services is its cheap prices. With that said, let’s take a closer look to help you decide if VistaPrint is right for your project.