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Get expert tips on scanning images and documents for the best quality result. Also find tips on printing pages, letters, pamphlets and more written by and for desktop publishing. Read reviews of laser jet and ink jet printers, scanners and other tools of the trade. Everything from screen printing to scanning old photographs and more is covered at at Bright Hub's desktop publishing channel.

Basic Screen Printing Techniques for Beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basic screen printing techniques to help you get started, read on! Here you’ll learn what you need to silkscreen print, the techniques involved in inking and transferring your design to your project, and how to make your design last longer with heat.

Help with Printing Posters at Home

Printing posters at home can seem almost impossible without a large printer available. Still, many people seem to design posters and print them at will. The tips listed here point readers in the right direction.

Crucial Screen Printing Tips for Beginners

Screen printing is a fantastic way to create unique products for yourself, your small business, or your non profit organization. However, there are a few things you need to learn before you begin, and this article features some very important screen printing tips for all you beginners out there.

The Best Printers Used To Print on Fabric

The Best Printers Used To Print on Fabric

The best printers for fabric printing are those equipped to handle fabric by minimizing the chances of wrinkling or creasing. Fabric can easily cause jams in a printer so if the device is not designed to handle different materials other than paper, stay away from it.

How to Scan 12 x 12 Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking is a recreational hobby that can be time consuming. Loosing the scrapbook page you have created can be heartbreaking. Learn how to scan large 12 by 12 scrapbook pages with easy-to-use software and create a digital back-up copy of the scrapbook.

What Are the Top 5 Home Screen Printing Kits?

Screen printing, sometimes called silk screening or serigraphy, has long proved its worth as a fine arts and commercial medium. Screening or silk screening lets you design images and drawings to place on a variety of locations, like shirts, clothes, decorative paper bags to home furnishings.