Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft Word can be a valuable tool for the Desktop Publisher. For instance, did you know you can create business cards in Word? Or greeting cards, or stationary? Find useful tips, how-to articles and tutorials written by and for desktop publishers.

Five Free Winter Backgrounds for Word Documents

You do not need a complicated program to produce a gorgeous holiday newsletter or report. If you have Microsoft Word, you can use background templates to create a polished and colorful document. Here are five winter backgrounds for Word documents that you can download.

How to Write a Wedding Program Using Microsoft Word

Creating your own wedding program is fun and easy, and you’re going to love saving the money—so you can spend it elsewhere! Plus, what’s better than bestowing your own personal touch? You just can’t do that with a commercial product. If you’d like to know how to write a wedding program, read on.

How to Create a Halloween Word Search Using Word

Before the internet, there were word searches and crossword puzzles. Word searches are an age-old method of entertainment. As children we enjoy solving these puzzles and as adults it proves to be a calming form of entertainment. Learn how to create your own in minutes using Microsoft Word.