InDesign Tutorials

  • Dealing With Text Wrap In InDesign

    Text Wrap is a key element in page layout and design. Learn the five basic Text Wrap settings in InDesign, what they look like, and how they work. If you're migrating to InDesign from Quark, you'll learn what happened to Runaround and where exactly...
    By Amy Carson January 27, 2010 

  • A Guide to Working with Images in Adobe InDesign

    This Adobe InDesign tutorial shows you how to import, place, and manipulate pictures and other graphics within your InDesign document.
    By cscribe2180 January 25, 2010 

  • Finding Punctuation Characters in InDesign

    Wondering where to find those special punctuation characters like registration marks (®) and copyright (©) in InDesign? You've come to the right place, with screenshots right off the bat showing you visually in which...
    By Amy Carson January 9, 2010 

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