InDesign Tutorials

  • A Bundle of InDesign Secrets and Hidden Gems

    Want to learn more about the unique and sometimes hard-to-find features of InDesign? This article rounds up 10 sources of great InDesign secrets, tips, and tricks. It's your one stop, all-access pass to the best articles on InDesign we have to...
    By Amy Carson July 22, 2010 

  • How to Desaturate Images in InDesign

    This Adobe InDesign tutorial shows you how to desaturate images in InDesign by taking you through a step-by-step demonstration illustrated by screenshots. The ability to desaturate images in InDesign is one more powerful reason that Adobe InDesign is...
    By Bruce Tyson July 22, 2010 

  • Can I Open PageMaker 6.5 Files in InDesign CS4?

    Looking to find out whether you can open PageMaker 6.5 files in InDesign CS4? PageMaker's features have instead been integrated into the Creative Suite releases of Adobe InDesign allowing InDesign CS4 to open and convert PageMaker files with ease...
    By J. Edward Casteele June 27, 2010 

  • Adobe InDesign Tutorials and Training Resources

    This guide to our Adobe InDesign tutorials is designed (no pun intended) to get you up and running in InDesign quickly. You'll learn secrets of the InDesign pros like dealing with text wrap, critical keyboard shortcuts, working with graphics...
    By Amy Carson June 27, 2010 

  • Why Use InDesign CS3?

    Adobe InDesign is the most popular page layout software on the market for good reason. It has powerful features, an easy to use interface, and integration with other Adobe creative products. Why use InDesign CS3? You should use Adobe InDesign because...
    By Bruce Tyson June 9, 2010 

  • Best Special Effects for InDesign

    InDesign has become the most popular solution for desktop publishing because of its ease of use and its features. Beginning with Adobe InDesign CS3, Several new special effects were added to the software that have made more powerful than ever. The following...
    By Bruce Tyson June 3, 2010 

  • Going Gray: Converting InDesign Documents to Grayscale

    Adobe InDesign can export layouts for newspaper mechanicals and other jobs requiring grayscale, although the approach to doing so is different from that used in QuarkXpress. The following instructions describe how to convert InDesign documents to grayscale...
    By Bruce Tyson April 13, 2010 

  • How to Set and Remove a Right Indent in Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign offers a complete range of tools for type and paragraph formatting. The powerful flexibility of InDesign allows you to create text as part of your publication and format that text according to your needs. Here is how to set and remove a...
    By Bruce Tyson April 9, 2010 

  • Setting Measurement Units and Using Rulers in InDesign

    Welcome to the two part series on using measurements in InDesign. In part 1, you'll learn the different units of measurement that InDesign supports, how to set them locally or globally, and how to use and move rulers on the fly to streamline your...
    By Amy Carson March 7, 2010 

  • Overriding Default Measurement Units and Letting InDesign Do the Math for You

    Welcome to part 2 of the Measurements In inDesign series. You'll learn how to override InDesign's measurement defaults in any dialog or palette, and how to make InDesign do the math for you!
    By Amy Carson March 7, 2010 
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