• Free Dauphin Fonts

    Dauphin is a freeware font that is widely available and one of the most unique and cool fonts I've seen so far. If you're having trouble finding a reputable website to download from, please check out the four I've listed in this article.
    By Michael Guerrero October 18, 2010 

  • Finding Free Fonts: Fan of the Serpentine Bold Look?

    Serpentine Bold is a member of the Serpentine font family which is a completely commercial font and therefore isn't available for free. So please enjoy this list of great alternatives.
    By Michael Guerrero October 18, 2010 

  • 5 Style Families of Typography

    There are thousands of fonts that are used in design today and each one falls under certain style classification types. From Old Style through to Slab Serif, here we take a closer look at one set of 5 families in typography.
    By Laura Jean Karr September 30, 2010 

  • About Serif Typefaces: Examples & History

    Learn about serif typefaces and the four design groups of serif fonts, including examples of old style serif fonts, transitional or baroque serif fonts, modern or didone serif fonts, and slab or Egyptian serif fonts.
    By Gwen Hagaman September 30, 2010 

  • Picking the Best Fonts for Business Cards

    Your business card is often the first impression someone will have of you and your business. It's important to choose a font that showcases your business.
    By Thursday Bram September 30, 2010 

  • Popular New York Fonts

    New York City has been called "the center of the world." The Big Apple has big influence. Even the fonts used in the logos for the New Yorker and in the tourist slogan, "I love NY," are popular. Here you can find resources and download...
    By Tony J Palazzo September 30, 2010 

  • Four Free Halloween Fonts

    If you're working on some Halloween-themed projects, you might consider using an extra-creepy — or funny — font. There are plenty of free Halloween typefaces out there, and these four are especially good samples.
    By Thursday Bram September 24, 2010 

  • Free Fonts for Monogram Designs: 15 Great Choices!

    If you're planning to design a monogram, check out these 15 free monogram fonts. They're useful for weddings, embroidery, logos, linens, and more. Try one of these fonts in any desktop publishing project for a little stylish flair.
    By Amy Carson September 23, 2010 

  • How to Identify Fonts from a Sample

    Identifying an unknown font can be a time consuming task. However there are certain font identifier tools that you can use to identify a font without much hassle. This article is about a few such font identifier tools.
    By Apurba Debnath September 18, 2010 

  • Five Chalkboard Fonts for Back-to-School Typefaces

    Here are some featured fonts for teachers and other educators who may be looking for chalkboard type fonts for their scholastic desktop publishing projects. These are perfect for newsletters, handouts, and other similar projects.
    By S.A. Coggins September 15, 2010 
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