Are you looking for some new fonts to spruce up tired pages? Find help choosing holiday or special occasion themed fonts for your next project as well as a wide selection of free fonts found on the web.

Free Shelley-Volante Font

So you’re looking for a nice script font for your formal Desktop Publishing project and you’ve seen the Shelley-Volante font and you’re liking it. We’ve found a reputable place to find your font fix as well as a quick guide on how to pick and choose your font resource websites carefully.

Four Websites For Free Dauphin Fonts

Dauphin is a freeware font that is widely available and one of the most unique and cool fonts I’ve seen so far. If you’re having trouble finding a reputable website to download from, please check out the four I’ve listed in this article.

Font Spotlight: Sanskrit Style Typefaces

Whether your intentions are commercial, religious, or personal, finding Sanskrit-style typefaces and fonts seems to be anything but easy! This article will explain what Sanskrit is, why you would use a Sanskrit font, and where you can find some professional looking Sanskrit fonts for download.

Samples of Script Typefaces: Casual vs. Formal

If you’ve ever wondered what a script typeface was, look no further. Here we’ll show you two samples of script typefaces, formal and causal, and explain the differences. Also included are the scenarios for which you would use a formal or casual script typeface.