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  • 10 Modern Ways to Market Your Book

    There are many ways to promote your book, but in order to compete with film and video-games in a socially driven marketing climate you need to get creative. We'll show you how to take the reins of social marketing and get your book noticed.
    By Michael Guerrero August 14, 2011 

  • DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse: Top Comic Book Publishers in the Industry

    For many people, comic books were an important part of their childhood. Or, if you're like me, a favorite pastime even into adulthood! If you're interested in learning about what the top three comic book publishers are currently up to, as...
    By Amber Neely August 13, 2011 

  • Bad Spelling and Grammar Can Ruin Your Publication

    If you're trying to get something you've written published, or if you're going to start self-publishing something you've written, it's time you start thinking about the importance of spelling, proper grammar, and proper word usage...
    By Amber Neely August 13, 2011 

  • Advantages to Being the Editor of Your Company's Newsletter

    Editing your company's newsletter has many advantages and should be accepted with alacrity. Taking on this task could lead to many other opportunities and will enhance your resume and future career path. It will prove to be an interesting and challenging...
    By Beverley Lee August 13, 2011 

  • Publish Children’s Books on Your Own: Step-By-Step Guide

    Self-publishing children's books will not be as tedious as it seems when you know the fundamentals. Learn about the software used in laying out the manuscript, setting the fonts, editing, locating an illustrator, and lots more.
    By Celine Bernadette Francisco August 13, 2011 

  • How Book Publishing All Began... And Continues Today

    Have you ever wondered how books were published before our modern times? Were you not satisfied with your midschool teacher's answer? If that's the case, read this article to find out more about the history of book publishing, from the...
    By Zack Jones August 11, 2011 

  • Proofreading Tips for DIY Publishers

    You've finished writing, so now you can publish, right? Not quite yet. Here's some practical advice for self publishers on how to make your work look its best in the competitive print and eBook markets.
    By Finn Orfano August 10, 2011 

  • Most Common Uses of DTP Software

    With so many taking advantage of desktop publishing, it difficult to put a finger on what desktop publishing is actually used for. There are many uses of desktop publishing software and this article explains these uses, and more importantly who employs...
    By Camesha White August 9, 2011 

  • Designing a School Pamphlet

    Need a school brochure, but not sure where to begin? This article guides you through the process of designing a school brochure from start to finish.
    By Camesha White August 9, 2011 

  • 10 Free Borders Featuring Rose Graphics

    The web offers pages and pages of free graphics to download, but who has time to browse through them all looking for specific images? If you want to outline a page in roses, we have done the legwork for you. Check out this list of images and choose...
    By Tricia Goss August 9, 2011 
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