Desktop Publishing Tips & Tools

Get recomendations on the best dtp tools as well as time-saving tips and tools from experienced desktop publishing professionals. Learn secrets to improving your page layout skills, which tools you should pay money for and which you can do without and lots of how-to articles to help you along.

Quiz on Famous Graphic Designers and Their Work

Whether you are a graphic design student looking for a fun way to brush-up on well known designers, you have always wondered who came up with some of your favorite logos, or you simply want to test your knowledge about design history, this quiz is sure to entertain and inform you.

Avoiding Common Color Mistakes by Learning From Examples

If you’re a new designer, there’s a chance that you might find color a little intimidating to use at first. Don’t worry, though – check out this article for ten of the most common mistakes when it comes to design projects and learn how to avoid them. You’ll be designing like a pro in no time.

So You Want to Publish an e-Book? Take Our e-Publish Quiz

If having a book you’ve written being published is a cherished dream, then there’s good news — it’s never been easier to make your dream a reality! It’s not as difficult as people would have you think, but you do need some knowledge behind you. Are you ready for our e-publishing quiz?

Designing Print Ads From Start to Finish

If you’re looking for a great way to promote local products or services, why not try running print ads in local newspapers, newsletters, and phone books? This guide helps you from start to finish, teaching you about the parts of an ad to the proper way to lay them out, and even offers up templates!

Fun Publishing Quiz on the History of the Printed Word

Before the days of eBooks, desktops and inkjets, printers manually placed words, one letter at a time, onto huge machinery to create publications. Take this interesting quiz and discover what you know –and don’t– about how modern publishing came to be.

Pesky Punctuation Quiz: Using Special Characters

Special characters like the em dash or the ellipsis are the hallmark of a professional designer. Whether you’re just doing desktop publishing for the fun of it or whether you’d like to make it your trade, test your knowledge of these critical symbols with our punctuation quiz.

Great Resources and Tutorials for Digital Scrapbookers

Whether you’re a novice or a professional scrapbooker, we’ve got a ton of fantastic resources for you. Here you’ll find basic tips to help you design the best layouts possible, professional quality premade layouts, as well as tons of elements to embellish the pages of your digital scrapbook.

Beginner’s Guide to Vector Graphics

Ever find the alphabet soup of file formats confusing? Which are vector? Which are raster? And when should each be used? This beginner’s guide to vector graphics is a comprehensive resource where you’ll find solid facts and helpful tips on making and using vector images.

Learn Something New With These Graphic Design Tutorials

Unlike what you may have expected, you don’t need to attend expensive classes to learn the basics of graphic design.These programs often do boast a steep learning curve, but an eager learner should have no trouble following our fantastic tips and tricks. Check out our tutorials and start designing!

Fantastic Collection of Clipart Resources and Tips

Clipart has come a long away from the standard issues we were used to when using Word for the first time. No longer are we restricted to a cartoony image with jagged edges squashed into the margin. Clipart can be beautiful and it’s versatile too – use them as building blocks in your designs.