Careers in Desktop Publishing

Learn everything you need to know on launching your career in desktop publishing written by DTP professionals and those in the know. Read helpful articles and tips on finding work as well as starting your own business.

Desktop Publishing Training: An Overview

Desktop publishing training lets you fully exploit your creative abilities by creating brilliant visual displays of information and ideas, with the help of computers and software.

Getting the best online training in DTP will require constant endeavor by you to build and expand on your expertise.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Desktop Publisher

Are you completely satisfied with the publishing standards of your marketing and advertising campaigns? If not, you should consider hiring a desktop publisher for your design needs. There are many ways to go about hiring a desktop publisher. Determine your project requirements and take the plunge.

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Graphics Design School

Whether you are a graphic design pro looking to take some online classes to stay current on what’s hip, or you have decided to pursue a career in graphic design and are looking for an online school, it pays to do a little homework. Here are five tips to help you choose the best school for you.

Where the DTP Jobs Are In 2009

Thanks to cuts in the New York publishing industry, no single area stands out as a hotbed for successful desktop publishing professionals. However, three factors indicate a strong new year is in store for DTP experts who remain flexible and creative through the economic downturn.

Typography: A Brief Tutorial

Typography is an essential element in desktop publishing worth knowing about. In this brief tutorial, I will introduce some working definitions in order for you to know that what you are presently reading is a prime example of outstanding typography in use. I also guarantee amusement.

Careers in Desktop Publishing: Sign-Making Jobs

Careers in desktop publishing have popped up in unusual places over the last few decades. We take signs for granted, but developments in DTP technology have made it possible for all kinds of businesses to create sophisticated corporate signs and promotional banners.

What Does Desktop Publishing Entail?

Desktop publishing involves producing a myriad of first-rate documents such as newsletters, brochures, and flyers from software on a personal computer. For more on what desktop publishing can do for you, its applications and implications, read on.