Careers in Desktop Publishing

Learn everything you need to know on launching your career in desktop publishing written by DTP professionals and those in the know. Read helpful articles and tips on finding work as well as starting your own business.

A Guide to Careers in Desktop Publishing

Can you still make a career in desktop publishing? Maybe not if you expect to churn out the letterhead, logos, and the traditional four-color, glossy-paged brochures that used to be the meat and potatoes of the local printing shop. But as some doors close in this field, other doors are opening.

The Influence of Technology on Graphic Design

As technology continues to change at a mind-blowing pace, we shouldn’t be surprised that graphic design evolves right along with it. Here we’ll take a look at what influences technology has had on graphic design, as well as view a few examples of today’s graphic designs.

How to Make Lots of Money with a CafePress Shop

Do you have a knack for creating imaginative digital images? Are you looking for a start-up business with a minimal investment? Maybe a CafePress Shop is the right business for you. I’ve researched how to make lots of money with a CafePress storefront so you can focus on creating unique designs.

Publishing Style: A Guide for Book Authors

Authors generally have a lot of knowledge in their field or topic area but approach the task of writing their book without knowing the procedures for the preparation and handling of the manuscript. This publishing style—or “house style”—typifies a standard for using references and other elements.

Book Publisher Jargon and Terminology

Every industry has its “business speak” and book publishing is no exception. The newcomer to business should study basic principles and book publisher jargon if he or she is hoping to succeed. A primer then, on terms and common argot and what they mean will help to point the way to professionalism.

Find Out the Latest Trends of Graphic Design Layout

Keeping up with the trends of graphic design should be a part of every artist’s agenda. One must stay current with what’s hot and what’s not to stay competitive. The parallels between the traditional and digital world must be constantly studied to intertwine the past and the present.