Business Cards

Creating business cards is easy following these tips and tricks. Read articles and how-tos on making a professional looking card using your every day word processor as well as other tools.

Business Card Design Software

Don’t waste hours attempting to design a business card when there are numerous programs to help with this project. Here is a list of the best business card design software on the market.

What to Put on a Business Card

Designing a business card isn’t simply pasting your personal info onto a card. Certain elements are needed to make sure your business card isn’t lost among the others. Here are the elements needed to design the perfect business card.

Making Open Source Business Cards

If you want to know how to make business cards free with Open Office Writer templates than this Open Office tutorial will instruct you on how to download this free open source software to accomplish this task.

Create Free Business Cards Using Quark XPress

If you’re letting someone know what you can do for them, they’ll never remember your name and phone number if you just tell it to them. Business cards can be expensive, but if you know your Quark, they’re really easy to create in just a few steps.

Use Picnik to Make Business Cards

Picnik can be a great free resource for designing your own business cards online without having to deal with a multitude of ads, as some online graphic resources do. Learn how to use this innovative graphics tool and make your own cards here.

Business Card Function

The smallest part of the identity system is the biggest design focus. The humble business card requires a lot of considerations in order to function properly. Learn all the elements to consider in order to produce an effective business card design below.