Business Cards

Creating business cards is easy following these tips and tricks. Read articles and how-tos on making a professional looking card using your every day word processor as well as other tools.

5 Tips for Successful Feng Shui Business Card Design

Feng Shui business card design isn’t as hard as you might imagine. The primary principles of Feng Shui are all about the use of space and flow, so can easily be applied to designing a business card. Here are the top five tips to use in designing your business cards using Feng Shui.

10 Top Business Card Designs & How You Can Achieve Them

A great business card has the ability to make an impact all on its own. It’s not just a way of people keeping your details, it is a reflection of you and your company, and the right design can be a surprisingly powerful tool. Here are some top business card designs and how you can achieve them.

Best Ways to Utilize Business Cards

The best ways to utilized your business cards is to make sure that long after you’ve passed it on to someone it is still networking on its own. Either by design, functionality, or other clever methods this article will show you some helpful tips to keep your business card working for you.

How to Market with Business Cards With Ease

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to market with business cards effectively, there are several tips and tricks you can utilize to effectively distribute and network with your business cards and the business cards of your peers.This article will give you some great ideas to get started!

The Many Unusual Ways to Use Business Cards

There are many fun and unusual ways to use business cards to create a network of contacts and customers. With a little research and catering to customers you can keep your business cards in play for months at a time.This article will start you off with a few great ideas to get started.

Samples of Japanese Business Cards

There are several ways the Japanese business cards (or meishi in Japanese) are different from American business cards but in more ways are they similar. This article will take a look at at a few examples of Japanese business card samples and the customs behind the exchanging of meishi.

Designing a Professional Business Card: Tips and Ideas

Business cards are the best tool to convey your message—an extension of everything your business represents. In designing a professional business card, provide contact information, but treat it as a small-scale marketing vehicle; these tips will help you to present your business in a positive light.

Steps to a Tighter Business Card Design

Business card printing is step one in any business’s marketing efforts. Each employee should have a supply of business cards to hand out to potential clients as they come into contact with them. Here are some tips on business card design for your company.