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Color Style Studio: A Complete Plan for Choosing Color Schemes

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 7/30/2009

Color Style Studio is a simple software application that enables the user to choose a suitable color scheme for painting a building. Find out more below.

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    Color Style Studio provides an innovative method for choosing what color you want to paint a particular building. Selecting colors for different parts of the outside of a house and its interiors is so much easier with this application that allows you to see what the finished product would look like with so many different color combinations. There are thousands of colors available to choose from. Color Style Studio lets you see what each color would look like before you any paint can is ever opened.


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    Installation and Setup

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    Installation of color style studio is a one step process. The setup file installs the software automatically.


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    User Interface

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    Its main window contains lots of features and tools which are arranged in a proper order. Commands in the Main Menu are easy to understand, but for faster movement, the toolbar commands are ideal. Selectiing a building can be done easily by uploading an image from your list of photos. Selecting a color can be done in a single click in the color palates.


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    Color Style Studio is an easy solution for planning the color scheme of a building. It has many features and tools which can be used in coordination to help you visualize what the perfect color scheme for a building might be. The photo of the building to be painted can be easily added as an image file. The Photo uploader utility allows you to divide the photo into colorable parts. A wide list of colors is provided by the software itself. The index number of the color is provided with each color. This helps to identify the correct color. Selected colors can be saved for future use.

    The process of coloring the building can be done by clicking on the required area. The selected area display immediately in the color you chose for it. Saving a selected color scheme helps you compare it to other combinations you like. The different combinations can be viewed as a side by side comparison using the preview facility. It also has a calculator which is handy for calculating how much the paint to cover a given area or the whole project will cost you.

    This application has many utilities integrated with it to help DTP professionals. There is a color set editor utility where you can add or delete a set of color schemes with comments. Model category editor utility shows the list of files with all the detail like model name, model file name, category, preview and comment. It also supports adding and deleting file information.








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    Price to Value

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    The software is available at a discount price of $67.

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    Color Style Studio supports 57,000 colors and more than 250 ready to use photo objects. It also supports media editor file format which can be uploaded to this software very easily. Performance of the program is quick and accurate.

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    Final Tag

    Color Style Studio is a useful program for planning and deciding the color scheme of a building. The visual preview of the color is very helpful for making a decision.

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