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Create Professional Graphics with QFX

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

QFX is a multithreaded graphic design program for Windows OS. It offers paint, draw, and image editing features in a single program. This review looks at QFX's powerful features

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    QFX is a graphic program for window users. It allows you to paint and draw in a single application. It uses a simple yet efficient set of tools for editing. It can be very useful for DTP professionals who need to create professional graphics.

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    Installation & setup

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    QFX is very easy to install in the system. Installation process takes no time and it will be ready to use in just 2-3 clicks.

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    User Interface

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    QFX has an interface that compiles as closely as possible to the standard set forth in the windows interface. If you are already familiar with the windows environment you will understand most of the menu, dialogs, and controls in QFX. All the menus and tools are well arranged and defined on the main window itself.

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    QFX has many features which makes it different than others in its group. It takes a unique approach to image creation and provides painting and drawing both in a single program. You can switch between painting and drawing just by clicking a button. It has a new image dialog box that controls the creation of a new image canvas. This dialog helps setting canvas general properties like canvas size, color and orientation. A thumbnail browser window is attached with the main window of QFX. It lets you open files using a dialog that displays thumbnails images of all the image files in a folder. You can also print a layout of the thumbnail images. The integrated thumbnail browser maintains a catalog of the thumbnail images for all the files in each folder that you visited in the thumbnail browser.

    QFX provides all flexibility to users in terms of features, display even in the memory management systems. You can change the global QFX option like color, display, keyboard preferences, plug-ins, system, virtual memory manager settings and warnings with the preference setting dialog. And of course QFX provides some very common and simple operation like undo/redo, drag and drop, copy and paste. Its main toolbox is displayed on the main window of the program and is used to select various editing tools, how they are applied and to set colors, transparency, mask options and to switch between paint and draw modes. As a lasso tool QFX provides pencil, rectangle and text tools. You can control the anti-aliasing and edge-softness of the lasso tool with the lasso option dialog. With the brush toolbox which is also displayed on the main window, you can choose between the soft, hard or custom brushes and the brush size.

    Draw mode adds a complete set of object-oriented drawing tool to QFX. Object created in draw mode floats above the current canvas in the editing window, and do not become a part of the image until they are rendered by selecting final render by the user. There are so many drawing objects are available in QFX.

    QFX also supports queue function that can be used to apply the same command to a series of images or several commands to same image or both. You may specify a queue to play when the QFX starts by adding the name of the queue file after the command that starts the program.

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    Price to Value

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    QFX 9 Unrestricted version is available at $399. It may be little costly but it is heavily loaded with the professional features and you can do many tasks with a single program.

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    QFX provides high performance with its unique features. It is supported on all windows family operating systems. It supports its own range of image formats and you might miss some common image formats like JPG file format.

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    Final Tag

    QFX is a professional multithreaded graphics program. It provides quality features to its users. You can do painting as well as drawing at the same time with QFX.

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