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Create Professional and Funny Posters Using Poster Forge

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

Poster Forge is a poster creation and printing utility. You can easily create posters using the predefined templates that come with the program. Advanced printing capabilities allow you to print posters with cut lines and glue margins. Read on to know more about Poster Forge's easy-to-use features.

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    Poster Forge Overview

    Poster Forge, a poster-creating utility, lets you easily create motivational, movie, and even retro "Wanted" posters using the predesigned templates. There are customized settings and templates for each poster type making your work much easier. You also have advanced printer settings that allow you to customize your poster's size, quality, and more. Poster Forge is a great helping hand for all DTP professionals.

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    Installation & Setup

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    The installation phase is very simple and quick. You only have to set the installation path (if you want to change the default installation path) and the installer does the rest.

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    Poster Forge User Interface

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    Poster Forge has a very well defined and easy to use interface. All the types of posters you can create are present as tabs. On clicking the tab all the customizable options of that particular template are displayed. After creation of the poster you have an option of either saving the poster or printing it.

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    Poster Forge Features

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    Poster Forge allows you to create three different types of posters namely Motivational, Movie and Wanted posters. There are predefined templates for each of the three poster styles. You can select a particular type and then customize the poster data settings.

    While creating motivational posters you first choose the orientation of the poster, be it either landscape or portrait. You can then set the image for the background of the poster and align the image as per the border constraints. Then you have an option of setting the title of the poster and also the motivational text to go with it. You can also customize the background and border color to enhance the appeal of the poster.

    You can easily create movie posters using the template provided by Poster Forge. It has advanced tools to set fade characteristics and alignment constraints. All the text options for the movie poster can be easily customized like setting the title, tagline, release date and the credits. You also have an option of customizing the font and color of all the text you enter in the poster.

    You can create funny and creative wanted posters from the old western cowboy days using Poster Forge. All the text in this poster is customizable like the wanted signature, crime committed, name of the person and reward if caught.

    Poster Forge provides advanced printing capabilities to print posters of variable sizes. You can now perform image selection and correction activities like cropping, border sizing etc. before printing the poster. There is also an option to manage the width and height parameters of the poster while maintaining a constant aspect ratio. You can perform adjustment on the outside and inside of the poster and also print cut lines and glue margins for cutting and pasting ease.

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    Price to Value

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    All the necessary features to create a poster using Poster Forge are free. In the printing stage a watermark is embedded into the poster for the free users. To use the advanced printer settings and create posters without watermarks, you can buy the professional version at a value of $9.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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    Poster forge helps you in easily creating professional and fun posters using its predefined templates. It also gives you advanced printer settings to print posters with ease and grace.

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    Final Tag

    Poster Forge provides a comprehensive set of tools for poster creation and printing. You can create motivational, movie and funny wanted posters using its predesigned templates. There are advanced printer settings that allow you to print posters that are well structured and easier to use, so it is a great tool for DTP professionals.

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