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Fantastic & Free Valentine's Day Wallpaper

written by: Michael Guerrero•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 12/14/2010

Romance your thing? Enjoy showing it off in some way other than the regular cards? Now you can customize your desktop to fit the sweetest holiday out there - Valentines Day! We've got you covered with some of the nicest Valentine's Day wallpapers available.

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    Valentines Day Wallpaper

    Valentine's Day is a great holiday because so many people really embrace it the way that they should. It's also one of the last holidays you can get away for decorating for the year, so it's only natural to change up your computer's wallpaper to fit the season. Or maybe you want to leave a special surprise for a loved one on their computer. All very good reasons to come looking for some great Valentines Day wallpapers and that's what we have in this article. Please review and enjoy the selection of wallpapers we've found and have the happiest Valentines Day you possibly can.

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    My Love, My valentine by ArandraRayne

    My Love My valentine by AriandraRayne This is a great digitally painted wallpaper that really looks like it was done with oils on canvas. It also has very cool and refreshing tones that make it unique as it contrasts the bright reds and pinks of the season. Go for this wallpaper if you are a bit of a mellow person and don't want to be so punch-you-in-the-face with your wallpaper.


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    Valentine Candy by PaperTheWall

    Valentine Candy by PaperTheWall This one is a bit more simplistic and minimalistic compared to some of the others that appear in this article. It's a real treat that you might really enjoy using as your Valentines Day wallpaper. It's also quite warm and provides a comfortable feeling that we should all have on Valentines Day.


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    When You Are In Love by vladstudio

    When You Are In Love by vladstudio 

    This piece was done in the art-style you commonly see in the south west US, usually around New Mexico and Arizona. It's a sort of metal working that emphasizes swirls and looks really great contrasting a light surface such as this picture. Definitely a cute choice if you have a significant other in your life.


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    Valentine's Day by tayzar44

    Valentine's Day by tayzar44 This one is bright, bubbly, and very modern looking desktop wallpaper and doesn't really emphasize Valentines Day meaning that when the holiday is over it's not tacky or strange to keep around for a couple of days, weeks, or months - depending on how often you are switching out wallpapers. If you enjoy contrast while still keeping it bright and warm this is the Valentines Day wallpaper for you.


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    Valentine Stripes by BeyondDesigning

    Valentine Stripes by BeyondDesigning.png And to round out this cornucopia of Valentines Day wallpapers we have probably the most Valentine's Day themed wallpaper of the article as well as the wallpaper that actually looks like real wallpaper. If you want to be clever and make your background look like actual wallpaper, this is the desktop wallpaper for you!


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    Thank you artists for providing such excellent works and happy Valentines Day to all Bright Hub members and artists alike. All images are used for promotional purposes only.