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Tips for Designing a Corporate Holiday Greeting Card

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/12/2010

Whether you're designing a card for your company or as a side business, there are some helpful hints for success when creating the corporate holiday greeting card. Learn what you should do (and what you should avoid doing) when putting together a greeting card that represents a company here.

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    Why Design a Corporate Holiday Greeting Card?

    Snowflakes make a good image for a corporate holiday greeting card. There are many reasons that companies create and send out corporate holiday greeting cards. One such reason is that it helps the company to keep the brand name in front of the customers' and clients' eyes. Another reason that companies send out corporate holiday greeting cards is that the card presents the company with the opportunity to thank the client or customer for purchasing the product or services.

    Finally, companies often send out holiday cards in a way to wish good tidings and stir up business during the holiday season and in the new year. Whether you are working for a company that would like to implement greeting cards into its holiday policies or you are an individual who is looking to make some extra money this year designing holiday greeting cards for corporations, the following tips will help to make sure you get your point across and avoid offending anyone.

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    1. Keep it Holiday-Neutral

    This is so important these days as the business world is filled with diversity. You don't know if the recipient of the company's holiday greeting card is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic, etc. For this reason, you will want to keep the greeting card holiday neutral in order to avoid potentially offending recipients. While you can send out whatever you want on a personal greeting card, corporate greeting cards should avoid reference to a specific religion or holiday other than New Years'. You should use phrases like:

    • Happy Holidays
    • Season's Greetings
    • Warm Winter Wishes
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    2. Implement Only Tasteful Humor if Using Humor

    Second to avoiding holiday specific images or phrases, you need to be very, very careful about using humor, if at all, in corporate cards. If the company wishes to get a "ha-ha" out of card recipients, then avoid any jokes having to do with religion, sex, politics, bodily functions of holiday icons, etc. Nothing's worse than having to apologize to a client or customer because you have offended him or her in your attempt to send warm wishes.

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    3. Keep It Simple

    The best greeting cards for businesses aren't busy - they are kept simple. Don't put a ton of images on the business holiday greeting card because this can overwhelm recipients. Instead, pick a simple theme. Either go for color or an image on the front. Remember, the focus isn't on how creative you can get with the greeting card's creation; the focus is on putting the name of the company in front of the customer, thanking the customer, and ultimately building brand loyalty.

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    4. Include a Special Deal

    If the company is using holiday cards to promote the business, then including a special deal for recipients of the card can help stir up business in the new year. Offer a discount, free gift, or other item to entice recipients into coming into the store or taking advantage of the company's services. Extend the offer until the end of January so that effects can be maximized.

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    5. Think About A Card That's Also a Gift

    Finally, think outside of the box. If you create a greeting card that is also a calendar or magnet, the recipient is very likely to continue to look at it long after the holiday season has come to an end. A magnetic picture frame that is both festive and carries the company logo can be a useful gift (especially for parents)!