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Snowman Digi Stamps Guide

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/3/2010

If you are creating a Christmas project and need Snowman digi stamps, you will find this guide useful. In this guide, you will find 10 different snowman digi stamps you can use for your projects. Some are free and some are not.

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    Snowman and Bird Digi Stamp


    This is a cute little snowman digi stamp that you can use for any Christmas project. This digi stamp has a snowman in the snow with a cute little hat, mittens, and a scarf on. There are also snowflakes around the snowman.

    See the last section of this guide for download links.

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    Snowman and Mailbox Digi Stamp


    This snowman digi stamp is of a snowman checking the mail. On top of the mailbox is a small bird handing the snowman mail. The mailbox is covered in snow, and there is snow on the ground.

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    Simple Snowman Digi Stamp


    If you are looking for a more simple snowman digi stamp, try this one. This is a simple snowman with a small hat, scarf, and mittens. The snowman has stick arms and a carrot for the nose.

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    Snowman with Hat and Mittens Digi Stamp


    This is a colorful snowman digi stamp. The snowman is white with a red scarf and green mittens. Around the snowman are snowflakes that appear to be falling. The snowman is also wearing a black hat with holly.

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    Snowman with Stick Arms Digi Stamp


    This is another colorful snowman digi stamp. This snowman is has a blue scarf with a red and gray hat. The arms of the snowman are made from sticks, and a carrot is used for the nose. In the background of this digi stamp are snowflakes that appear to be falling.

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    Snowman and Christmas Tree Digi Stamp

    digi-stamps-snowman-snowmanandchristmastre Looking for a snowman and Christmas tree digi stamp? Here is a cute digi stamp with a snowman standing in front of a Christmas tree. The snowman is dressed in a sweater, scarf, mittens, and earmuffs. The Christmas tree is placed behind the snowman and is covered with snow.

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    Snowman with Coat Digi Stamp


    This snowman digi stamp is of a cute snowman all bundled up. The snowman in this digi stamp is wearing mittens, a santa hat, sweater, and a scarf. The snowman looks as if he is saying "Welcome!"

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    Snowman Ice Skating Digi Stamp


    This snowman digi stamp is also a bit different than most stamps. This snowman stamp is a snowman ice skating. There are swirls around the snowman to make it appear as though she is doing a spin. The snowman has ice skates on and a tutu.

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    Snowman Skiing Digi Stamp


    Looking for something a little different? Check out this bad snowman doing his skiing tricks. This digi stamp is a snowman on skis. Then snowman is in the air as if he was doing a jump or some type of trick. If you want something different than the basic snowman digi stamp, you can try this one.

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    Snowman and Family Digi Stamp

    digi-stamps-snowman-snowmanfamily This digi stamp is of a snowman family. There are three snowmen to make the family and then a snowman dog. They are all in a pile of snow with snow falling around them. Each snowman in the family is dressed with hats, scarves, and other decorations.