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5 Great Sites for Family Tree Clipart

written by: Laura Jean Karr•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/23/2010

Creating a family tree can be a rewarding and educational experience. You don’t even have to go with expensive clip art collections. Check out these sources for free family tree clipart so you can spice up the look of your genealogy!

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    Creative and Fun Graphics

    No matter what creative style you want to present on your family tree, there are many sites online that offer free family tree clipart in a range of styles. The overall design of your family tree is completely up to you and how you want the family tree to look.

    Creative design styles that are now used for family trees include country primitive, minimalistic, modern abstract, Victorian and retro. Each style can reflect the overall theme of a family along with giving a sense of generational connectedness. For example, if the family theme is centered on a country primitive style then the family tree clipart can reflect that through gingham backgrounds and cute country doll style characters.

    Here we will take a look at the top 5 sites where you can find beautiful, free family tree clipart to reflect any family style. For more information on creative clipart not centered on family trees, check out Free Mother’s Day Clipart for DTP Projects and Where to Find Free Scrapbooking Clip Art.

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    Country Primitive Clipart

    1countrycraftree The country primitive art style is focused on simple lines that are reminiscent of handmade country crafts, art and early quilting prevalent in early American culture. Not to be confused with colonial style art, the country primitive style came in after the colonial area in the United States and was prevalent through the Civil War.

    One great site that showcases this style is called Original Country Clipart by Lisa. The artist has created an extensive collection of both paid and free clipart. Under the free category, she has fourteen different sets based on a variety of themes. In the image to the left is an example of her Handmade in America set. Here we show her angel tree. To check out her full collection of country art that can be used for family tree clipart, click through here: Original Country Clipart by Lisa Free Country Graphics.

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    Minimalistic Clipart

    Blackandwhitefamily tree The minimalistic style of art is all about clean lines as a way to enhance the area surrounding it. There are no splashy graphics or bright colors, just simple basic lines that create the overall design. This type of styling gives more emphasis on the information presented over that of the style itself. In the image to the left is an example of simple family tree design.

    A great online site that offers free minimalist family tree clipart is that of Microsoft. The Microsoft image gallery for clipart has thousands of simple and clean images that can be used as family tree clip art. To check out all the clipart images that they have, click through here: Microsoft Clipart Gallery.

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    Modern Abstract Clipart

    VectorFamilyTree The modern abstract style is that of bright colors and a mixing of different shapes. Many of the newer modern abstract styles of family tree clipart are vector graphics. Having the majority of these clip art images being a vector graphic allows for easy resizing on any family tree page or section where naming information is built.

    A great resources for free family tree clipart in the modern abstract style is that of Vecteezy. This web site where designers upload and share various types of vector clipart for personal use as well as offering vector collections that can be purchased. In the image to the left is an example of one of their vector images that can be used for free family tree clipart. To see the entire collection of what they have to offer, click through here: Vectezzy Clip Art

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    Victorian Clipart

    Victorianclipart Victorian clipart is mainly clipart that has a n elegant feel to it. Art that showcases a bygone era is a popular style theme for family trees, memory books and even scrapbooking. A really good site that offers a wide range of images that can used for family tree clipart is that of This site offers several categories of victorian images that can be used to decorate around the family tree theme.

    In the image to the left is an example of what their site has to offer. To see he full collection, click through here:

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    Retro Clipart

    retroclipart Retro style clipart is focused on the lifestyle theme of the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Stylized images that show American life during a different time period when advertising became more prevalent and family life was depicted as modern but still as a unit. A good site that offers images that can be used as family tree clipart is that of Velma's Retro Clip Art.

    In the image to the left is an example of the clipart that is offered. To see the full collection of both paid and free retro clipart, click through here: Velma's Retro Clip Art

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