5 Free Rebel Flag Backgrounds for Scrapbooks, Flyers, and Other Desktop Publishing Projects

Rebel Flag Backgrounds

So, you’re looking for rebel flag backgrounds for that particular project you are working on? You may have found that there are not many out there to choose from. I sure did. In this guide, I have selected five of the best free rebel flags available online. You are free to use these rebel flags for any personal project you are working on, whether you’re creating a flyer or a digital scrapbook layout. Click the link below any of the rebel flags you want to use and the larger size flag will open.

Flame Rebel Flag


The first rebel flag we will take a look at is a Flame Rebel Flag. This is a regular rebel flag with the flames added to it. The flag really stands out with the flames. This is a large background, so you can save it to your computer and open it in the graphic design software you use for your DTP projects. You can view the full size flame rebel flag by clicking the link below.

Flame Rebel Flag Background

Simple Rebel Flag


The next rebel flag in this list is a very simple background. There is nothing fancy about this rebel flag background, so if you are looking for something basic, this would probably be it. You can click the link below to view the full size of this simple rebel flag. Then right click on the flag and choose the Save Image As option to save it to your computer.

Simple Rebel Flag Background

Old Style Rebel Flag


This next rebel flag is a bit different than the above two. The flag looks like an old style rebel flag. It has that antique feel to it. You can see the larger size rebel flag by clicking the link below. Once the flag loads, right click on it and choose the Save Image As option. Save it to somewhere on your computer and you can then open it in the graphic program you are using to create your DTP project.

Old Style Rebel Flag Background

Texture Style Rebel Flag


This rebel flag has a texture look to it. The background part of the flag is a red-burgundy type color with what appears to be a simple texture applied. The stripes are blue, and the stars shine. This is a very unique looking rebel flag. You can view the full size flag by clicking the link above. If you want to save the flag to your computer, right click and click Save Image As in this menu.

Texture Style Rebel Flag Background

Fabric Rebel Flag Background


This rebel flag looks like someone cut up rebel flag fabric and threw it in a pile. The background is really unique. It has that jean type fabric look to it. You can view this rebel flag background by clicking the link below. You can then save the background to your computer, or use one of the codes on the page if you have other plans for the flag.

Fabric Rebel Flag Background