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Great Resources for Online Winter-Themed Christmas Cards

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/18/2010

Here is a list of 10 great winter-themed Christmas cards. Some of the Christmas cards can be printed, some can be emailed, and some can be posted to your Facebook account. I will provide a link to each one.

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    Snow Falling Winter-Themed Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-trees If you are looking for animated snow-falling Christmas cards, you may want to check this one. This Christmas card starts out with a beautiful scene of trees on snow covered hills. As the card plays, the snow begins falling and the trees get larger. You can add your personal message to the card and send it through email, or you can post it to your Facebook wall. You can see this Christmas card here.

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    Merry Little Christmas Winter-Themed Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-gold This Christmas card has a few trees on the card that are covered with snow. The tree in the front is covered with snow, ornaments, and a beautiful gold ribbon. In the background is the "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" song. You can personalize the Christmas card and send it through email. Here is the Merry Little Christmas card.

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    Snowman Winter-Themed Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-snowman This is a Flash winter-themed Christmas card that depicts a snowman with snow falling around him. There is also a message at the bottom of the Christmas card. When it is finished playing, you have the option of replaying. You can personalize the card with your own text. You can also use smilies with your text when personalizing the project. You can view this card here.

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    Blue Tree, Snow, and American Flag Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-blue This next card is beautiful. It is a Flash card that starts off with the photo you see to the right. It eventually turns into a beautiful scene of candles and the American Flag. Playing in the background is the "Promise for the Season" song. It is beautiful. You can personalize this Christmas card and send it to who you want. Open this card by clicking here.

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    Snowy House Winter Themed Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-house This Christmas card has a beautiful house with snow falling. There are snowy trees and flowers in the yard. You can personalize this card and send it through email, or you can customize it and print it. You can see this Christmas card here.

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    Blue Stocking Winter Themed Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-stocking The next Christmas card in this list is a beautiful blue stocking card. This is a Flash card that will eventually end with a blue and silver stocking. There is a message displayed on the card, but you also have the option of adding your own. You can send this Christmas card through email, or you can post it to your Facebook account. You can view the Christmas card here.

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    Joy to the World Christmas Card

    christmas-cards-holly This Christmas card is a flash card with "Joy to the World" playing in the background. The card has poinsettias and falling snow, with a snow covered background. It is very beautiful. You can see this card here.

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    Printable Winter Themed Christmas Cards

    The remaining three Christmas cards in this guide are printable Christmas cards. You can personalize these cards and then print them using your home printer. Please click the link near each Christmas card to see the full size and customize it.

    Bear & Christmas Tree Christmas Card


    Santa Claus Christmas Card


    Snowy Trees Christmas Card