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Resources for Printable Blank Family Trees

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/18/2010

This guide will provide you with five free printable family trees that are blank. These family trees can be printed and filled in. You will find a template for the basic family tree right on up to seven generations.

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    Printable Blank Family Trees

    family-tree-color-black-preview If you are looking for free printable blank family trees to organize your family history, you may like one of the templates in this guide. These templates can be used for serious family tree research, or for teaching children about their heritage. Some of the blank family trees in this guide would work best for schooling and others would work best for research purposes.

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    Free Printable Color Family Tree Template

    family-tree-color The first blank family tree template in this guide may be more suitable for homeschool children, but can also work for adults. The template offers a colorful tree in the background and the boxes for you to fill in around it. You can view this family tree template here and click the download button above or below the template to download it.

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    Free Printable 7 Generation Family Tree

    family-tree-color-7generation This family tree printable is more for the hardcore researcher. If you are researching your family tree, this is the template you will want to use. It has spots for seven generations with many fields to fill in. There is nothing fancy about this template, but it is a great way to organize your family tree. You can open this family tree printable by clicking here. Then you can download the template to your computer and print it.

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    Free Printable Black and White Family Tree

    family-tree-color-black-whitetree Next up in this list of free printable family trees is the black and white family tree. This is a plain black and white template with a gray tree graphic in the background. The tree is faded enough for you to write in your information. You can print the blank family tree by clicking here. Once the page loads, click the Print icon in the menu and the file will print.

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    Free Printable Blank Family Tree

    family-tree-color-black-whitetree2 This is also a black and white family tree template. This template has a large tree in the background covering the entire page. On top of the tree are the boxes where you can fill in your family history. You can print the blank family tree right from your browser. Click here to open the family tree template and use the Print option in your File menu to print it.

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    Photo Frame Family Tree Templates

    family-tree-color-black-photoframes This printable family tree template would be another great template for homeschool or any children who want to research their genealogical history or create a family tree. This family tree template has a large photo frame in the top center and photo frames hanging around it. The photo frames are wooden on a white background. You can download this template to your computer, open it, and print it by clicking here.

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    More Free Printable Blank Family Trees

    If one of the above five family tree templates wasn't what you were looking for, check out WikiTree. On this site, you will find many more family trees that can be printed from your computer. They offer a wide variety for you to choose from and they are all free to print.