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5 Fun Thanksgiving Backgrounds

written by: Michael Guerrero•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 11/14/2010

Struggling to find the images and not the words for you Thanksgiving Day project? As always we have some really great images that you can use and convert into your very own Thanksgiving backgrounds.

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    Thanksgiving Background

    Eastern Wild Turkey Thanksgiving is hands down one of my absolute favorite holidays, as I'm sure it is for many of you. The tastes, sights, and smells sort of grab hold of us and don't let go til we're regretting our third plate of food and the pumpkin pie rolls out... But more to subject at hand. Thanksgiving backgrounds! Yes it's that time to put our DTP skills to work and get cracking at some Thanksgiving projects, lest we get rusty over the holiday season. So, what backgrounds do we have? Scroll down and take a look.

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    The Conucopia

    Cornucopia Bread If you haven't noticed, cornucopias are those odd horn shaped baskets filled with harvest fruits and vegetables. Cornucopias originated from Greece and represent the bounty of harvest time. They are commonly associated with Thanksgiving because it's a holiday that mainly revolves around food. If you want to dazzle your family and friends with this cornucopia of knowledge go ahead and use this image of a cornucopia for your Thanksgiving background.

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    The Turkey Done Right

    Bacon wrapped turkey. Very tasty. There was pretty much no way I was going to not have the traditional roasted turkey in some way, shape or form doing this article and the fact that this one happens to have bacon draped across it is even better. I mean, come on. What doesn't bacon improve? Regardless, it's a really nice shot of a brine soaked and oven roasted turkey, the kind you immediately associate with Thanksgiving and if that doesn't get people hungry, I don't know what will.

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    The Oven Roasted Turkey

    Oven roasted brine-soaked turkey. If bacon draped turkey isn't really your think, not to worry because here is another oven roasted turkey that will provide and excellent backdrop to your Thanksgiving project. It is a brine soaked and over roasted turkey that was cooked in it's own juices and various vegetables and is coated with an herb rub that will seriously get your mouth watering.

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    Simpler Times

    Thanksgiving 1900. While a lot of us, myself included, have sort of moved on towards a more modern frame of mind when it comes to decorating it's difficult to ignore the charm, if not the novelty of vintage decorations. They say it's hard to beat the classics and I would inclined to agree with them. Simple and hand-crafted styles really add that old world, traditional feel the holidays, Thanksgiving especially, and it sort of helps ground ourselves and make us realize what these events are supposed to really be about.

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    The First Thanksgiving Painting

    Thanksgiving in Brownscombe We all remember the slides of paintings in school when we learned the origins of Thanksgiving. Where the pilgrims and the Indians met and had a bountiful feast together as friends. I for one have always really enjoyed those paintings because that's how it all got started. They also represent a lot of good qualities, unity, acceptance, sharing, and of course the giving of thanks for not starving thanks to our new friends. Besides, it's fun to be a little retro every once and awhile, right?

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