Free Winter Clipart and Backgrounds Guide

Winter Clipart and Backgrounds


You can use this winter clipart for many things like creating your own worksheets, creating scrapbook layouts, creating postcards, and many other projects. If you create your own worksheets, this clipart would be great for giving it that winter touch. If you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, this clipart would also be great for the winter presentations. You can use the beautiful winter backgrounds for desktop wallpaper, greeting cards, and more.

Designed to a T Winter Clipart


On the Designed to a T website, you will find some beautiful winter clipart that can be downloaded to your computer for free. On this site, you will find colorful winter clipart, blue winter clipart, and black and white winter clipart. Some of the clipart you will find includes snowflakes, Christmas carolers, snowmen, and snow covered houses. To download this clipart, you can visit the site by clicking here. Then you can right click on any clipart you want to save. When the menu opens, choose the Save Image As option and save it to your computer. You can save as much as you like.

Free Winter Clipart


On this site, you will find more free winter clipart. This site offers snowy mountains clipart, snowmen clipart, melting icicles clipart, and more. The clipart can be saved to your computer by right clicking the one you want and choosing the Save Image As option. Then you can save it to where you want it on your computer. You can visit this winter clipart site by clicking this link.

Blue Mountain Winter Backgrounds


On the Blue Mountain website, you will find beautiful winter backgrounds that you can use for many projects. You can use these backgrounds to create greeting cards, desktop wallpaper, and more. You can see all of the winter backgrounds on this site by clicking this link. Once you are on the site, you can click a background that you want to save. The page will reload and then you can select the size background that you need. Once you have selected the size, click the download button and the background will open in a new tab. Right click on the winter background and save it to your computer by clicking Save Image As.

Free Winter Backgrounds


On this website, you will find beautiful winter backgrounds. These backgrounds consist of different winter sceneries. You can download the backgrounds in the size you want. To load this page of winter backgrounds, you can click here. When you find a background that you want to use, click it and then you will have to choose the size you want. Once you have chosen your size, save the background to your computer.

Free Winter Backgrounds and Wallpaper


This site also has some very beautiful winter backgrounds and wallpaper for you to use. All of the winter backgrounds on this site are free to use. You can get to this site by clicking here. Once you are on the site, you can browse through the backgrounds and select the background you want to save. To select the background, you will need to click the size you need it in. Then the page will reload and you can right click on it to save the background.