Why Graphic Design is Important – ROI on Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Company Importance


The general reason why graphic design is important mainly relates to the effects it has on society.

For example, a large billboard (a graphic design) posted on a busy street in New York City will represent some type of message to consumers. What will the general message be? Will it be positive or will it be negative? That depends on what the company behind the advertisement wants.

How appealing will the billboard be? And what effect will the billboard have on New Yorkers? That depends on the design, approach, and representation within the sign, which is all created by a graphic designer.

The importance of graphic design to a company is how effective will a certain design/project be. If the design is effective in helping the company sell more products, make more money, or reach other incentives, that’s all that matters.

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Graphic Design – Designer Importance


The reasons why graphic design is important will differ depending on which designer you talk to. However, the importance of graphic design is quite obvious in terms of art and individuality. Every design, whether it be a billboard, business card, flyer, magazine ad, logo, etc., is something that will go into a graphic designer’s portfolio. Although the hiring company does have a lot of say over the creation of a design, it’s still largely in the hands of the designer.

As a graphic designer, each design in your portfolio is a representation of yourself and your skills. Your portfolio is your resume.

As a graphic designer, the importance of graphic design is:

– Graphic design is a job and a career. It is a source of income.

– Graphic design is a showcase of a designer’s artistic skills.

– Graphic design gives a way to express oneself through work.

– Graphic design is a method of communication.

– Graphic design is a way of getting recognition/fame.

– And much more… depending on the individual.

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Money in Graphic Design

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A lot of a graphic designer’s income depends on ROI, or rate of investment. What is the ROI on graphic design? There is no specific ROI on graphic design. Each job and each project will be different, which will effect the overall ROI. But, most of the time, ROI is always going to be high in the field of graphic design. This is how you calculate ROI:

ROI (rate of investment) = (Gain from investment – Cost of investment) / Cost of investment

The cost of investment for graphic designers is generally very low. Understand, graphic design does require that you buy supplies. However, a graphic design job is mostly the selling of a service… not the selling of products or items. Thus, it does not cost a lot of money to be a graphic designer. However, the gain from investment is high (whatever you make for doing a project).

Example 1:

A graphic designer will need to purchase some computer software such as Photoshop. However, you don’t have to purchase Photoshop again every time you do a project. This means low cost of investment.

Gain from investment is the pay for the project.

Example 1 = very good ROI.

Example 2:

A graphic designer who designs business cards will have to buy blank business cards each time they do a project. But, business cards are not too expensive. This means somewhat low cost of investment.

Gain from investment is the pay for the project. Normally designers can charge decent rates for custom made business cards.

Example 2 = good ROI.

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