Money-Saving Tips for Desktop Publishers – Five Ways You Can Run Your Home Office More Cost Effectively

A home office is a beautiful thing. It is also an expensive thing. We all want to save on the expense of working at home. Today, we are going to look at five more ways you can save money.

Switch to VOIP

Granted a monthly phone bill may only be 20 dollars a month, but over the course of a year that is an extra 240 dollars. A little box called Ooma can solve all of that. Sure it is a 200 dollar initial investment, but after that all of your calls will be free. No long distance charges, no monthly service fee, no cost for international calls. Just free phone. As time goes on your return on the investment will grow each month.

Switch to Linux

Revising an old PC by putting Linux on it can save you a couple of thousand dollars in hardware. Since Linux has versions that run smoothly on older hardware you can make your machine last longer. One good choice is Ubuntu. It is a very user friendly version of Linux that will be easy for a Windows user to understand.

Go E-Fax

Faxing can be expensive. You have to buy the unit, get it ink, keep it set up with a dedicated phone line, all of these things have a cost associated with them. Going to an Efax service can save you all of that cash.

Use Freeware

Whether it is on your new Linux or your Windows based PC using freeware is a great choice for cost savings. Programs like Open Office and GIMP are available for both these systems (also for Mac users) at no cost. Both are also made for most major file formats.

Wean Off Paid Marketing

If you pay for any kind of advertising drop it in favor of a social media based campaign. This may take some nurturing, but the results can be amazing and the tools are free. Twitter, LinkedIn and a solid blog can bring you a steady stream of work.

Now you can enjoy your new found savings and put your money to work in more important areas. Like buying printers, quality inks and of course, to your profit margin.