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Fun Summer Activities Using Publisher's Paper Folding Feature

written by: Camesha White•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 5/31/2010

Paper folding is a fun activity that can be done indoors or out. This time- and money-saving activity is perfect for children of all ages. Begin planning your activity with the Publisher Paper Folding feature.

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    Using the Paper Folding Tool

    On the opening page of the Publisher program, in the list located in the left side pane, click Paper Folding Projects. Paper folding templates will appear in the middle pane. Your choices are Airplanes, Origami, and Blank Sizes. You can use the links located at the top of the page or scroll down to see the templates for all categories. And although you may choose one of the choices, it is highly recommended you use them all to add more variety and fun to your activity.

    Click on a template that interests you. In the right pane a close-up of your chosen template will appear. There are two boxes, Customize and Options. In the customize box are three drop down menus that allow you to alter the color scheme, font scheme, and business information. The business information option is not of importance.

    Color and font are particularly important if you would like to apply the child’s favorite colors or add text onto the paper. The ability to add text can work in a variety of ways ranging from personalizing for the children, scriptures (for a Sunday school activity), to whatever else you or the child choose to display with text. The ability to alter the colors within the screen is perfect for those who would like to avoid a mess afterwards. For those who don’t mind a little dirt, sets of crayons, colored pencils, paint, or any other drawing medium will do.

    The options box has a drop down menu that allows you to add, remove, and alter the aero dynamics of the folded paper, but this option is not available for all templates.

    After making the desired changes, click Create. The template with your changes will open in a new window. There is a side bar with more formatting options to make further changes if desired. If you are unhappy with the current template, you can also choose another one here.

    Paper folding can be a fun summer activity at home, camp, and summer and Sunday school. Kids never grow out of having the desire to make paper planes (especially ones with aerodynamics). So stock up on paper and ink and have fun!

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    Image of the Paper Folding Utility Options

    Paper Folding Templates