Making Open Source Business Cards

Business cards are everywhere in work world. A lot of people think that if you want to make professional business cards that you have to pay for software to help you do it. That isn’t true, you can make great business cards without buying any software. And that statement isn’t based on the assumption that you have Microsoft Office already. We are going to do this with an open source software.

Installing Open Office Writer

The software that we are going to be using is called Open Office Writer. Writer is a part of the Open Office Suite. You don’t have to install all of the suite, but if you are in need of the other offerings then this is the way to go.

How to install Open Office Writer

1. Make sure that your setup meets the minimum system requirements. (A Pentium-compatible PC, Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP (2000, ME or XP required for Asian/CJK versions), 64 MB RAM minimum, and 250 MB hard disk space – for Windows. There are also Mac and Linux versions available.)

2. Download the Open Office package. Be sure to get the right version of the software for your system

3.Unzip the downloaded file.

4. Run the installer. You will come to a section that allows you to choose which programs you want to install. You can use this menu to select only Writer if you would like. If you are in need of the full Open Office suite however, you can install the whole package now too.

5. Read any other screens and click "Next" until you reach the last screen. On this screen click "Finish".

Opening The Business Cards Template

If you want to access the business card template then you can do this:

1. Open the "Writer" program.

2. Click on "File".

3. Click on "New".

4. Click on "Business Cards".

5. Once you are here you will see five templates. Choose one.

6. Modify the card as needed.

Now you have a perfectly serviceable place to start from. These templates may need a little bit of work, but you can do a little bit of work for a free office suite.

About Open Source

You may not be familiar with the term open source. If you are not and you want to know more these links can help you: