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Use the HP Design Studio to Create First-Rate Business Cards Free

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/24/2011

The HP Creative Studio enables you to make your own business cards using the free or premium templates they offer in their online design studio. Find out the particulars here to get the job done for you using this extremely useful Internet recourse.

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    Designing your own business cards from the generous selection of templates offered at the HP Creative Studio can prove to be a first-rate solution in creating your calling card for the home or small business operator. If you’re looking for a simple an effective manner to accomplish this task than this HP site may really surprise you with what it offers. The selection is worthy and the user interface is quite easy to navigate in order for you to accomplish all the customization you see fit to make your free printable business cards.

    Templates are the frameworks that have what you need already assembled and ready for you to customize with your text, pictures, and graphics. There is no sense in designing a card from scratch, trying to get the right dimensions to suit your printer, when a template makes it so much easier and less time consuming because the tedious construction work is already done for you.

    Begin by perusing the available free business card templates at the HP Creative Studio. Once you have found the business card design that you like best, follow the easy steps below to use your own materials to customize it exactly to your specifications. Keep in mind also that there are premium templates available that might have something you desire and can’t find amongst the free ones.

    1. Put a check in the box “Templates DIY Free (Do It Yourself)." A hefty selection will appear and if you don’t like what is offered then look at the “DIY Premium" or “Premium Custom Design" to find even more choices and creative leeway in the design phase.

    2. Download the template by clicking on the actual image or the file name below it.

    3. Save the file to your PC or Mac by following the directions pertaining to your browser and operating system. As a PC user I used the right click option to “save target as."

    4. Open the file and follow the directions provided to insert your own text and logos.

    5. Insert the free HP Photo Editor available to download here which makes it really easy to upload your logos, images, and photos.

    6. Manipulate all the sections to get the look that you want it to have to produce your free business cards online.

    HP also gives you recommendations for the best paper to use for your business cards and methods of obtaining it. Don’t forget to insert all the ways the potential customers can contact you. If you need to design a logo, you can accomplish that on this site as well. Print the finished product with the suggested paper stock and start your networking.