Best Fonts of 2008

MyFonts Contest for the Best of 2008

Every year MyFonts develops a listing of the top ten fonts for last year’s desktop publishing world. Tallies were calculated between January of 2008 through January 2009 based on sales of font type, style, and use. Here we are going to take a look at five of those fonts out of that list.



Lettering artist Michael Doret created the Metroscript from his trademarked hand lettering style. Using OpenType, he was able to adapted an entire lettering suite for the computer which became the most elegant brush script type font of 2008.

The Metroscript font package currently retails for $99.00 through MyFonts and includes five style variations. For more information on this font and to learn about ordering visit the MyFonts MetroScript page.



Designed by Gert Wiescher, the Floralissimo font is an intricate ornamental font based on vintage floral art. Gert has created several popular ornamental fonts throughout his design career but the Floralissimo font surpassed not only his previous ornamentals but that of other ornamentals fonts for 2008.

The current retail price for the Floralissimo font package is $29.50 through MyFonts and includes one style. For more information on this font package and to learn about ordering, visit the MyFonts Floralissimo page.



Developed by designer Rob Leuschke for TypeSETit, the Cornithia script font took home the prize for best and most widely used festive font of the year. The popularity of this script in 2008 comes from its mainstream use in commercial invitations, certificate and formal announcement type documents.

The Cornithia font package retails for $19.95 through Myfonts and includes one style. For more information on this font package and to learn how to order this set, visit the MyFonts Cornithia page.

Darling Monograms

Darling Monograms

This font type was created by lettering artist Crystal Kluge for Tart Workshop in order to make monogram type style easier to achieve as a font base. Darling Monograms rose to become the specialty font for 2008 through its decorative lettering and genre creating typeface.

The Darling Monograms font package includes four styles and is priced based on the piece use instead of the group font use. Current individually created monograms retail for $29.95. Fo rmore information on this font package and to get started on ordering this set, visit the MyFonts Darling Monograms page.



The Handmade font is one of the shining stars form the 2008 list, as it is one of the more popular creative fonts. Created by typeface designer Eduardo Recife for Misprinted Type in 2007, this font features crazy and ornate mismatched lettering.

The Handmade font package retails for $39.00. For more information on this font package and to learn about ordering, visit the MyFonts Handmade page.

The remaining five fonts that made MyFonts list for 2008 are: Aviano Serif, Marat, Bree, Breuer Text and Museo/Museo Sans. If you would like more information on these and other assorted fonts, then you can visit their main web site at:

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