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6 Free Borders for Mother's Day Projects

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 1/7/2013

Mother's Day is coming up, and It is never to early to start planning for the special day. If you are making your mother stationery, a card, a scrapbook page or any other such project, you may find these free borders very useful.

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    With Mother's Day not far away, now is the time to start planning for that special project. You can use the free borders in this guide to create a Mother's Day card, scrapbook page, dinner invitations and more. So, if you are in search of borders for Mother's Day, let's get started with this guide.

    To use a border in this guide, please use the link in the section of the border you want to use.

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    Ink and Red Rose Border

    Black & Red Rose Border 

    The first Mother's Day border in this list is the Rose and Ink border. This border that I created has a rose in each of the four corners. Behind each rose is an ink spill type graphic. Also on this border is a black outline. This border would work great for a card, event invitation, small scrapbook page, and a photo frame. Using red and black text will really make this border stand out. You can also use a fancy font to give it a fancy look.

    Download Link: Rose and Red Rose Border

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    Pink Vines and Floral Border

    Mother's Day Borders 

    The next Mother's Day border in this list is the Pink Vines and Floral border. On each side of this border are pink and purple vines and at the top and bottom of the border are rows of pink flowers. This border would make a cute mini scrapbook page. You could find some cute little flower or vine embellishments or clipart to use and then create some cute pink frames and you would have yourself quite a nice scrapbook page for Mother's Day.

    Download Link: Pink Vines and Floral Border

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    Pink Floral Border

    Pink Floral Border 

    The next border I have created for you is the Pink Floral border. At the top and bottom of the borders, you will see a pink and white floral type border. At the bottom of the border, you will see two flowers coming out of the border on the left and right sides.

    If you are having a large Mother's Day dinner and want to seat people at certain tables, you could use these as the placement cards. You could also use this border as a greeting card for Mother's Day or a mini scrapbook page. View this page for helping choosing a great font.

    Download Link: Pink Floral Border

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    Colorful Flowers and Butterfly Border


    This next border I created was a colorful flower border with a butterfly. The outline of the border is created to match the flowers. This border would make a great Mother's Day card, Mother's Day mini scrapbook page, and many other DTP projects for Mother's Day.

    Download Link: Colorful Flowers and Butterfly Border

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    Pink and Black Butterfly Border


    If your mom is a butterfly lover, you may want to use this next border. It has a pink and black border with two butterflies in each of the bottom corners. This one would make a great photo frame for Mother's Day. You could even add a border to the photo to match the outline of the border. You could also use this to create Mother's Day cards and event invitations. Using a pink and black text with this border will look really nice.

    Download Link: Pink and Black Butterfly Border

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    Yellow and Orange Floral Border

    Yellow and Orange Floral Mother's Day Border This last border is a very simple border I created using a floral graphic with vines and circles. I placed it in the bottom, left corner and created a dotted outline for the border. With this border, you can create things like greeting cards, invitations, scrapbook pages, and more.

    Download Link: Yellow and Orange Floral Border

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    The borders found in this guide were all created by the author using Fireworks and some freely available graphics as well as her own.