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Where to Find Free Graduation Graphics

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 4/17/2011

Are you designing your own graduation announcement and need to find some good, free resources? Perhaps you are looking to congratulate the grad in your life. Whatever the case, I have found some good resources for free graduation graphics.

  • slide 1 of 10 carries a variety of free graduation graphics. You will find graduation backgrounds, borders, images and lines. Click on any of these links to find more links, such as diplomas, hats, signs and more. These graphics will help you make fun websites with the graduation theme. To download these images to your computer, simply right-click on the image that you want and select Save Image As.

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    Graduation Graphics Plus

    Graduation graphics While Graduation Graphics Plus doesn’t carry a great number of graphics, it carries a variety of them. You can download two-dimensional illustrations, a 3D graduation cap and an animated graphic of a cap flying up and down over a “Graduation” sign. The image to your right will work for a graduation announcement, party invitation or a congratulations card. Download any of these images by right-clicking on your mouse.

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    Snoopy graduation graphic If you are looking for free graduation graphics for your MySpace page, then check out what Cool Holiday Graphics has to offer. They carry backgrounds, graphics and layouts. This Snoopy graphic is a seamless pattern that will display as a background. To display the graphics, copy and paste the code onto your page. This would also make a fantastic digital scrapbook paper.

  • slide 4 of 10 Here are some more MySpace graphics. Some of them are dated (2007), but most of them are not. You will find a variety of graduation graphics on to use for your own page or to post on your friends’ pages. The graphics are cartoon designs with animated glitter. Copy and paste the code onto your page in order to display the graphics.

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    Graduation graphics Webweaver offers a small collection of graduation clip art. You will find caps, graduates and a few still lifes that will reflect the graduation theme. Use these images to create announcements, invitations or a congratulations card for the grad; try downloading some congratulations clip art to accompany your design. Right-click on your mouse to save the images to your computer.

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    Graduation graphics carries a small collection that contains a graduate holding up his diploma, a graduation cap, an open diploma and a closed diploma. You can get these images in color or black and white. The image to the right will work with a graduation announcement or a congratulations graduation card. Right-click on your mouse to save the images to your computer.

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    Graduation graphics offers a variety of vector images in the graduation theme. There are two grads sitting on a diploma, a grad holding a diploma, a future grad who daydreams about her diploma and more. These images can be used for educational or personal use. The image on the right will work for a congratulations card or announcement. You can download any of these images to your computer by right-clicking on them.

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    Graduation graphics Stock.xchng offers both vector images and photographic images in the graduation theme. Be aware that you will need to read the terms and conditions of each individual graphic before you use them for your projects. While these graphics are free, some users have posted conditions on what they can be used for. That said, you will find photos and graphics with caps and gowns, ceremonies, diplomas and more. Click on the image that you want, and then right-click to save to your computer.

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    Wikimedia Commons

    Graduation procession Wikimedia Commons is another good place to look for free graduation graphics. You will find many of these images in the Public Domain, which means that they are free to use. However, you will need make sure that whatever graphic or photo you want to use is in that category before you use them for your projects. Alternately, you may follow the instructions of the author, if he permits you to use his or her work on a conditional basis.

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