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Sample Mother's Day Card Sayings for Your Card Designs

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/11/2011

When you present a card that you created to your mom, you know that she will cherish it. Adding heartfelt tidings will make it even more special. Use any of these Mother's Day card sayings or poems as if you penned them yourself.

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    Rhyming Verses

    If your mom is the traditional type, she might appreciate a card with rhyming poetry. You may wish to break up these Mother's Day card sayings and type or paste part of it on the cover of the card in your desktop publishing program. Divide the rest between the right and left interior pages, perhaps between a lovely floral border.

    You cuddled me as a tiny babe,

    As a toddler, you showed me the world.

    You were my first teacher and my first friend

    With your love, my heart unfurled.

    As I grew and stepped out on my own

    You were never far away.

    I always knew if I called to you

    You’d be there without delay.


    Although I owe my life to you,

    How often I forget

    To tell you what you mean to me.

    I’m forever in your debt.

    So on this day that honors you,

    Whether near or far apart,

    I want to let you know, Mom,

    I love you with all of my heart.

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    Flowing Prose

    Prose is a type of poetry that does not necessarily rhyme or have the same cadence as conventional poetry, yet it has a creative and artistic flow. You might wish to use one of these Mother's Day card sayings on the cover or the interior of your cards. Of course, you can alter them to be more personal as you see fit.

    A soothing touch

    A kiss on a scraped knee

    A cool hand against a feverish forehead

    Last minute baker of cupcakes and

    Purveyor of poster boardMom's Love 

    Tutor, nurse and warden – all in the same day

    Best friend – worst enemy – closest companion once more

    Confidante and partner in crime

    Late night door watcher

    Keeper of dreams and secrets

    Heart that caused my own to beat for the very first time




    All these and so much more

    I love you, Mom.


    Here is another piece of prose that is shorter but no less meaningful.

    My Darling Mother

    Your love has given me

    A safe place to land

    A stable spot from which to fly

    And a warm embrace to come home to

    Whenever I need to come home

    I love you

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    Simple Yet Sentimental

    Daughter and Mother Perhaps your relationship with your mother is complicated and you feel less than sincere creating a card with long, flowing verses. On the other hand, keeping it short and sweet might just be more your style. Either way, the following Mother's Day card sayings might be more appropriate for you.

    The kindness you have always shown to others

    The high standards you always try to live up to

    And the beautiful person that you are has

    Shaped and formed my life

    Thank you, Mom


    Even though we don't see each other

    As much as I wish we could

    I love you and miss you

    Today and every day.

    Happy Mother's Day!

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