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Unique Ideas for Birth Announcements

written by: •edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 3/24/2011

Your baby is beautiful and unique, and you want everyone to know it! What better way to show how individual and special your baby is, than announcing their arrival with a unique birth announcement.

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    Newspaper Article

    babynewspaper One of the easiest and most unique ideas for a birth announcement, is to mock-up your own newspaper page. Even if you don't have a desktop publishing package, many word processing programs allow you to set up columns, so your page looks more like a newspaper article. Make sure you use an old fashioned style font for the majority of your text (good old courier works well), and a clear block font for your headlines. Then write the arrival of baby in the format of a newspaper article. If you click on the example to the left you'll get some good ideas. Mock interviews with the new dad for example, with quotes like "I didn't feel a thing," add some humor that will make your birth announcement stand out from the crowd.

    Add some authenticity with a textured crumpled paper background, or even use a different paper color such as pink or blue, to give it more of a baby feel.

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    Recipe Card

    For keen cooks, one of the best ideas for birth announcements, is to announce your baby's arrival in the style of a recipe card.handmaderecipe 

    The baby's name would obviously be the "dish," followed by the parents' names as the ingredients, plus love; you could also put in the name of the hospital. Your oven temperature could be replaced by how many hours in labor, followed by the recipe which is all the details of your lovely baby - date and time of arrival, weight, etc.

    You can always use a recipe card maker (see references) to help in your design, and to make sure you include all the pertinent details of your baby's arrival. Or take inspiration from this handmade recipe card, and include a stapled initial of your baby, with a picture as either the background, or placed to the side of the "recipe." There are also some great free cookbook templates, you could use as the basis for your design.

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    Let The Neighbors Know

    baby stork Unique birth announcements don't have to be in paper form. Why not let all the neighbors know about your new arrival, by hanging a die-cut card stork from your porch, laminated to protect it from the elements. Or use a DTP package to make a large template of a stork shape and have a handyman cut it out of some plywood. You can then affix this to a stake and put it in your front garden.

    Paint or add card shapes to both sides, and make sure the baby's details are briefly included in the stork's knapsack - also make sure the wording is clear and easy to read.

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    Concert Poster

    Unique birth announcements don't get much more personal than this mock up of a well-known Clash concert poster. There's obviously a fairbirthposter  bit of work gone in to this particular poster design, but you could make your design more simple, yet effective. Either scan one of your favorite pictures of the band, or use an existing poster, and paste some graphics and wording over the top of the original. If you have a desktop publishing or photo editing package, then use the blending tools to make the joins more seamless.

    In this case the band name is now the baby name, with a full name at the bottom. This is a perfect design for incorporating a date and time, that would be seen on a concert poster too.

    Film buffs could change it to a film poster, the parents names being included in the line "A _________ and ______ production."

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    More Ideas for Birth Announcements

    Of course there are many more ways to make your birth announcement unique:

    • Utilize semi-opaque glassine envelopes and print the pertinent details onto them, sliding a photo of the baby inside the envelope. The picture will show through the envelope and act as a background as well as a keepsake.
    • Shaped cards will always be popular, and once cut, are easily embellished. If you know baby's name ahead of time then use a template of their initial letter, or use a digital die cutting machine to do the work for you.
    • Keep it short and sweet by using a business card template, with baby's picture as the background image. Make it even more unique by printing it onto magnetic cards. That way your loved ones have a fridge magnet to remind them of your bundle of joy.

    Whichever way you choose to announce the arrival of your baby, these unique ideas are sure to set yours apart from the rest.

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