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Tinkerbell Backgrounds for DTP Projects

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 3/13/2011

Tinkerbell backgrounds make great images for party invitations, thank you cards, scrapbook pages, and more. In this guide we will take a look at some beautiful Tinkerbell backgrounds you can use for DTP projects.

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    Tinkerbell Backgrounds

    Tinkerbell Party Invitation Tinkerbell is a big hit with most little girls. If you have a little girl who loves Tinkerbell, here are some backgrounds you can use with your DTP projects. These Tinkerbell backgrounds make wonderful scrapbook pages, greeting cards, birthday invitations, event invitations, and more. Some of these backgrounds will work better with some projects and not with others. You will more than likely have to resize these background in your image editor.

    You can view and download the backgrounds in this guide by using the links in the resource section at the end of this guide.

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    Tinkerbell & Pink Tulips Background

    tinkerbell-background-tinkerbellpinktulips The first image we will have a look at is the Tinkerbell and Pink Tulips background. This is a beautiful yellow layout with pink tulips and a Tinkerbell on each tulip. This background would work great as a scrapbook page or a greeting card. If you were to use it as a scrapbook page, it would probably look best if you faded the photos into the background and not use frames. It would also look great if you placed a photo in the top left corner and the bottom right corner.

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    Tinkerbell Flower Background

    Tinkerbell Flower Background The next selection is the Tinkerbell Flower background. This particular backrgound would work great for scrapbooks. You could use solid colored frames that match the colors of the flowers in the background. You can also use flower embellishments and Tinkerbell embellishments to finish up the scrapbook page.

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    Tinkerbell Flying Purple Background

    Tinkerbell Flying Purple Background The Tinkerbell Flying Purple image has a purple background with a purple tulip and Tinkerbell appears to be flying. This background would work nicely for a child's birthday card. If you are looking for a Tinkerbell image to create a greeting card for a child, try this one. The text for the card would go nicely in the top right corner.

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    Tinkerbell Sitting in Flowers Background

    Tinkerbell Sitting in Flowers Background The next image in this list is the Tinkerbell Sitting in Flowers background. This one would work with a number of things. If you are creating a flyer to send through email, this is a great choice due to all the open space . You could also use it as a scrapbook page, party invitation, or greeting card. This is one of those backgrounds that will work well with any project you have.

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    Pink Tinkerbell Background

    Pink Tinkerbell Background The Pink Tinkerbell background is next on the list. This is a really cute background with lots of Tinkerbells. I think this background would work best as a girl's scrapbook page. Using solid color frames that match the blue color of Tinkerbell's wings would make a really nice scrapbook layout.

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    Blue Bubble Tinkerbell Background

    Blue Bubble Tinkerbell Background This next background can be used for many projects like flyers, greeting cards, party invitations, and scrapbook pages. This is another one of those backgrounds that will simply work with everything. If you want to use it for a greeting card, flyer, or invitation, you will probably want to go with a real dark text color in order to read it. If you are using it for a scrapbook page, white frames would look awesome.

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    Green Tinkerbell & Flower Background

    Green Tinkerbell and Flowers The Green Tinkerbell and Flowers background is my favorite. This one is absolutely adorable. It is also another one of those backgrounds that will work with a number of DTP projects. In my intro at the top of this guide, I have a party invitation to give you an idea of what you can do with this background. I simply opened it in Fireworks and added my text. This background would also work well with scrapbooking, greeting cards, event flyers, and other projects.

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    Starry Night Tinkerbell Background

    Starry Night Tinkerbell Background The last item in this list is the Starry Night Tinkerbell background. This background would make a really cute scrapbook page with the photos faded into the background. It will also work with cards, flyers, and invitations.

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