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Need a Marriage Certificate to Print Out?

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 2/28/2011

Custom, decorative marriage certificates give couples a great, flexible way to commemorate one of the most important events of a lifetime. Here we look at where to find printable blank marriage certificates and what those resources have to offer.

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    Commemorating Your Marriage

    Couples getting married may have a marriage license, but may not have an attractive certificate documenting the important event of marriage. The good news is that printable marriage certificates are available online, and can be downloaded and customized for the couple that is tying the knot.

    Of course, these certificates are not intended to be legal documents (hopefully couples have those safely tucked away), but are important and creative ways to help keep the wedding day alive for many years to come.

    Couples are not the only people who can use a souvenir marriage certificate. Clergy and other officers overseeing marriages can issue their own creative certificates, and so can friends and family members to make unique gifts that share the perspective of those who know, love and support the couple that just got married.

    Below readers will find four sources of downloadable certificates of marriage that are available online.

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    Microsoft Office Templates

    cert004 Our first source for printable blank marriage certificates is, a site that is not affiliated with Microsoft, but offers a number of freely available certificates and other templates that load in Microsoft Office. This particular template is downloadable in a compressed "zip" file that users can save on their computer and then use to create impressive marriage certificates that can be used for gifts and keepsakes for those who are setting off to build a new life together.

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    Free Printable Certificates

    A great source for printable blank marriage certificates is at Visitors to that site can choose from one orcert001  more certificates that couples can use to help celebrate their marriage. Also, ministers and justices of the peace can use these certificates to create a commemorative remembrance for the people they serve.

    For each certificate available, visitors can select whether to use the free, un-editable version or purchase a fully customizable certificate for a $5 fee.

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    Certificate Street

    cert002 Certificate Street has printable blank marriage certificates that visitors can download, customize and print for free. Preformated with editable name, event, and other fields that can help users create a marriage certificate for capturing the emotions of the moment forever. Users to the site just click one "Download" button and the rest of the process is in their hands.

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    Hoover Web Design

    Another great place to find wedding certificates is Hoover Web Design, a professional Web design company. There visitors can findcert003  some unique and attractive marriage certificates, certificates of matrimony, marriage vow renewal certificates, and even commitment ceremony certificates. This impressive selection is available with no purchase required, so people can create frameable mementos of these important events in their lives.

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