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Designing and Printing Water Bottle Labels

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 2/28/2011

One way to create a unique memento for a fundraiser, race, or wedding is to design and print your own water bottle labels. Creating custom water bottle labels does not have to be too difficult - all you need is a desktop publishing program, a little bit of creativity, and perhaps even a template.

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    Why On Earth Would Someone Want to Print Their Own Water Bottle Labels?

    Chances are, if you're reading this article you didn't come up with the idea of trying to design and print your own water bottle labels out of thin air. You can create these labels for reusable water bottles - or you can design and print such labels for single-use water bottles. You may even want to create custom labels for a party so that guests do not mix up their bottles when they set them down for various activities.

    Water bottles with custom labels have become quite popular at weddings as a do-it-yourself takeaway party favor and they are a hit with fundraising endeavors. Whatever the reason is that you want to embark on this project, you'll be happy to hear that this endeavor is not too difficult.

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    Step 1: Measure the Bottles You Want to Create the Custom Label For

    Before you can create a custom water bottle label, you first have to know how large your design needs to be. Measure a water bottle that is the size you would like to use. Most water bottles will have a circumference of about 7 1/2 inches. You'll want a little extra room so that you can overlap your design just a little when you wrap the label around the bottle. Figure on adding about 1/4 an inch for overlap. Next, you'll want the label to be wide enough to contain text and place an image, but not so wide that the image takes up too much of the bottle – about 2 1/2 inches is a good length. The label should cover the smooth part on the label you already have on the bottle.

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    Step 2: Design the Water Bottle Label

    Find this park template in our media gallery Now that you know the size your label needs to be, you'll want to go ahead and create the custom label for it. Open your desktop publishing software of choice, and set the borders to the size of your water bottle label. Remember to add a little space for the printing and trim area - about 1/4 an inch should be sufficient.

    Next, if you're labeling single-use bottles rather than reusable bottles, you'll need to include a nutrition label for legal wedding delight purposes. Just look on your bottled water - you can recreate this label in your document. Now you're ready to design the label. Remember, if you're scaling images to place on the label, make sure you scale the images down prior to pasting, otherwise the image will be blurry when it prints.

    One option for those who don't want to spend the time crafting their own design This birthday delight water bottle label template helps you commemorate a special birthday is downloading a template for the water bottle label. In our media gallery, you'll find the following three templates:

    These templates are for your personal use and are not for resale or commercial purposes. All three templates were created by Ronda Levine using Spaces have been provided on each for customization.

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    Step 3: Print the Water Bottle Label

    You have two choices for the material you wish to print on: you can print on regular paper or you can print on sticker paper. Either way, you'll want to have a paper-cutter available as it is unlikely you'll be able to find paper in the size you need. If you wish, you could take your image to a print shop and have them print and trim the labels. If you use regular printer paper, you can use a glue gun to adhere the labels to your water bottles. Just be sure you remove the old labels first.

    Creating water bottle labels can be a fun endeavor that helps people remember your special event!

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