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10 Unique Templates for Easter Basket Designs

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 1/20/2011

Easter is a great time to let your creativity shine as the world bursts into new life, and traditions like the Easter basket reappear. Of the choices listed here, readers are sure to find a template that will help them create one of the most popular items associated with the season.

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    Disney Family Fun

    This incredible Easter basket template shows a step by step process for creating a beautiful Easter basket that can be used for giftseaster001  and decoration for fun or for profit. Available as part of the Disney Family Web site, this template even comes with a video that complements easy to follow instructions to help improve your chances for success. Even if you aren't a creative professional, this template offers a great starting point for all your holiday crafts.

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    Waltzing Mouse

    easter002 Make a beautiful mini Easter basket with this easy to use template from the Waltzing Mouse. This template comes with complete, easy to follow instructions that help an experienced or novice user create an awesome Easter basket every time.

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    Topmarks Easter Basket

    The Topmarks Easter basket template offers an easy, printable plan for making a beautiful Easter basket that can easily be filled witheaster003  delicious treats for the season. This template is perfect for youth and adults alike, so get out the scissors, glue, and crayons or pencils and get started making some Easter baskets! Follow the step by step instructions as you create one or more of the three templates found at this site.

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    Martha Stewart Paper Easter Baskets

    easter004 This Easter basket template comes directly from one of the top names in crafts and decorations, Martha Stewart. Create fantastic baskets with this template by following the simple instructions that come with it.

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    Easter Favor Basket

    This adorable Easter basket template is a simple creation that makes a great basket to use for gifts and decoration. This is a great easter006 family craft that can give you hours of fun together as you learn to work and create together.

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    easter007 The Easter basket template from Craftscope is perfectly suited for kids. All you do as a parent, teacher, or childcare worker is print out the template, and start creating. Older children will love making the Easter basket themselves, coloring their pieces with their own designs.

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    Make your own Easter baskets using the free template available at The design found on this Web site makes it easyeaster005  to create a simple single-egg basket that makes a perfect gift for students, teachers, family members, and friends. This can even be a great activity for art classes and craft times.

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    DLTK Easter Baskets

    easter008 Each Easter basket template at DLTK is an ultra-simple design that is perfect for young hands and tight budgets. Still, these are great for getting involved in the season, making adorable baskets for decorations and for gifts.

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    Digital Chick

    easter009 Digital Chick has Easter basket templates in four formats, making it almost certain that anyone can easily print them and then enjoy creating a handmade basket. These templates make it easy to print just lines so creators can use paper with preprinted patterns if desired. These templates are really nice, but are not free: they cost $3.99 and are can be ordered online.

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    My Favorite Things Easter Basket Template for Mac

    The last of our ten unique Easter basket templates comes from For a price of $2.95, this professionally designed easter010 template can be download by Macintosh users and then used to create outstanding gifts and decorations.

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    Wrap Up

    Choose one or more of the 10 unique Easter basket templates listed here to make this Easter season one that is fun and memorable for yourself and all the special people in your life.

    Image Credits: Screen shots taken by Bruce Tyson