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Fire Backgrounds for Desktop Publishing

written by: Michael Guerrero•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 1/11/2011

If you're in dire need of a fire background that's "hot, hot, hot!" look no further as we have assembled five fire backgrounds of different styles to heat up your designs, desktops, and all your desktop publishing projects with a little more flair.

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    Fire Backgrounds in Desktop Publishing

    316px-Candleburning Fire is known to represent a lot of things. Passion, aggression, destruction, life, and of course being really, really hot. It's a very powerful visual the provides a lot of personality to something and represents certain themes very well. Fire backgrounds are a great way to add fire to an image without it completely over-taking the other elements of your design. So please have a look at these 5 magnificent fire backgrounds and enjoy!

    (Click images for a larger preview, sources provide varying resolutions of their backgrounds.)

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    Flames - Basic Blue Double Wide by jbensch

    Flames by jbensch These are the classic hot rod flames. You see these quite a bit on school lunch boxes to the actual hot rod they originated from to apparel and lots of other things. Since hot rod flames are so common and over done I wanted to find something that was a bit more unique from the standard fare that you find and I feel like jbensch really added a unique touch to the design of the flames. I did also select this for the traditional flames on blue color scheme because it's difficult to find flames that aren't on a very dark background and it's tradition, which is something I don't particularly like to mess with.


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    Radial Flames by Dark Warlock

    Radial Flames by Dark Warlock This background by Dark Warlock is a bit more abstract but since the nature of fire is so random and abstract itself, I feel like it fits with the theme of fire. It's also a background looks incredibly like a painting and features a lot of colors and contrast which adds a tremendous amount of depth to the image and makes for a lovely care that can be given to someone who maybe isn't crazy about the traditional, wavy fire design like the ones featured on hot rods.


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    In Flames by The-fishy-one

    In Flames by The fishy one In Flames by The-fishy-one is another very lovely painted style gradient that really captures the colors and spark of flames. The colors mesh beautifully from dark to light and is a very open and neutral background, leaving lots of room for customization. The wallpaper is available in a zip file at its source and contains 7 resolutions which are listed on the preview image.


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    Fire by Hellheimer

    Fire by Hellheimer This simple fire background is smooth, elegant, and a little jazzy. Its cool and refreshing brush strokes almost distract you from the fact that it is indeed a small flame. I always admire people who can compose a clear subject with so few line as it creates a beautiful, clean and, simple product which makes is great for a lot of things both professional and personal.


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    Firewall by Alexander-GG

    Firewall by Alexander GG Alexander-GG has put together a molten looking fire background that focuses more on the glow and intensity of fire rather than the sparks and curling tips of a match's flame. This wallpaper has realistic visuals, depths, and textures and is sure to light up your background incredibly well. It is a beautiful wallpaper that is available in several sizes ranging from iPhone resolution to very large wide screen resolutions.


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