5 Inspiring Mother’s Day Poems for Cards and Other DIY Desktop Publishing Projects

Mother’s Day Poems

Mother feeding her child.

If there is one thing that my mom loves it is really nice poetry. It was cool to see that she was genuinely appreciative of the poems that my brother and I would write in school for Mother’s Day. Poems are a really thoughtful gift for any person really if you can write from the heart or at least connect with someone else’s poetry on a significant level.

The poems provided here are a mix of some stuff I’ve written solely for this article as well as some fun or thoughtful stuff others have put together over the several years we’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day.


A mother and her daughter.

Most extraordinary people like to boast about how great they are,but you are humble.

Often times going above and beyond to make their children happy, even without pay.

Too often are you taken for granted and when you're gone it's noticeable.

How do you put up with everything and still put on a genuine smile?

Everything you do must be magic, too short are the days to cook, clean, and work.

Remember that I love you, Mom.

Source: Me

I thought this would be a nice idea to do sort of a throwback to school when we would all do the M.O.M. or M.O.T.H.E.R. projects for Mother's Day, but with more perspective on what mom's actually do aside from put band-aids on our cuts and cook good food. I would say use this poem as a cover to a card with some fancy or cute fonts and include something on the inside from you personally. Feel free to take this idea and apply your own lines, it is quick, simple, and a nice way to show you actually put in the effort to write something for your mom.

Mother’s Day

Mom and daughter on the beach.

It’s unfortunate that you only get one day,

When your whole life you made the monsters under the bed go away.

Or how you cooked delicious food,

To get me back into a good mood.

And even though we sometimes fought,

I know the lessons trying to be taught.

So even thought it’s Mother’s Day,

Know that I appreciate you anyways,

Regardless of the day.

Source: Me

Another quick poem that is represents more elements of Mother’s Day without it sounding too greeting card. It’s a fine poem for the cover of a card, but it may do better on the inside left page of the card. Modify and apply your own stories and anecdotes that apply to your own mom so that it’s special to the both of you.

What Is A Home?

Sitting on the steps.

A house can be just four walls,

Beds, kitchens, bathroom stalls.

A house is a thing that be knocked over,

Built up again, several times over.

Lawns, pools, and TVs are nice,

But how do they fill rooms with the smell of cooking spice?

And how do they know when we're depressed or sad?

Homes are different though.

It's easy to see,

How without all the fancy accessories,

That a home is built on the love which you bring,

Every minute of everyday.

So that's why I felt the need to say.

Thank you for giving me a home.

Source: Me

One of the things I learned since moving out that is really humbling is that houses are not homes. No matter how big or small it's just a place to put your stuff and be protected from by the elements. But beyond that they can't give you hugs or fill themselves with smell of our favorite foods on our birthday. Family does. And while this poems doesn't target mothers specifically I think that it can be implied that they are one of the major reasons why you have a home.

Mommy Please Don’t Worry

Mother and baby.

Mommy, please don’t worry ’cause

I’m doing really well,

Even though I miss you.

Wishing you were with me ’cause

In that case I could tell

You all the things that happened to me.

I love you even though you can’t,

Be with me just for now.

And I know you love me, too.

And I’m sure that you will come

To me someday, somehow,

And I will see you look at me

And know that you have smiled.

Source: Nicholas Gordon of https://www.poemsforfree.com/mommyp.html

Thank You For Loving Me

Grandmother and grandson.

Thank you for loving me,Having me in.

All you have given

Now I hold within.

Kid in a vacuum

You made your own,

Or else I had been

Unborn and unknown.

Source: Nicholas Gordon of https://www.poemsforfree.com/thanky2.html


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Mother and daughter on the beach



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