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Viewing Image Information in Photoshop

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/21/2010

Users can view image information in Photoshop that can help them find key details about the color, resolution, and size of their work as well as other important metrics. Read on to learn to view the image information that Photoshop has available and to harness it to become more productive.

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    View Image Size Information in Photoshop

    To view image information in Photoshop, users can click on "Image" on the main menu and then click "Image Size." You can also get the "Image Size" window by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><I> from the keyboard. photoshop001 

    In this window, information including file size, dimensions (in pixels or percent), document size (in inches, centimeters, millimeters, points, picas, columns or percent), and other options such as scaling, constraint, and re-sampling.


    From the "Image Size" window, users can not only inspect document properties, but they can change them to fit their requirements. If a user needs more space to work with, however, this part of the image information in Photoshop cannot do that. The size and properties of the work space can be viewed by clicking the "Canvas Size" option from the "Image" menu.

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    View Canvas Size Information in Photoshop

    Photoshop users can get image information that shows the size of the work space in the Photoshop environment by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><C> from the keyboard or by clicking the "Canvas Size" option from the "Image" option on the main menu.


    Here the present size of the canvas is visible, which often begins as the same size as displayed in the "Image Size" window as described above. Although this is a good place to inspect the size of the canvas, users can also choose to resize the canvas here in ways defined by the user.

    The ability to view image information in Photoshop is not limited to size, other properties of the image can also be displayed.

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    View Other Image Information in Photoshop

    The image information window in Photoshop displays key image information. As the cursor is placed over the image, users can view the color composition and depth, cursor position and other information.


    Other tabs in this window provide a histogram and navigation information for the current Photoshop document.

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    View Image Information in the Status Bar

    The status bar provides important ways to view image information in Photoshop.

    photoshop005 Document size information, document profiles, efficiency information, and other facts about images in Photoshop are accessible directly from the status bar.

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    The Motherload of Image Information

    One last place within Photoshop offers a wealth of information all in one screen. Accessible by clicking "File" on the main menu and then clicking the "File Info" option. photoshop006 

    From the tabs found in this window, users can view raw data for the image, revision history, and camera information. Space is also available for user-provided data that includes image description and copyright information, IPTC contact information, location information, categories, mobile SWF data, and origin information.

    An "Advanced" tab allows users to view image information in Photoshop based on a "Property Tree." This tab allows a graphical navigation of image properties using the mouse.

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    In Review

    This Adobe Photoshop tutorial shows users where to go to view image information in Photoshop. Using these techniques, creative workers can stay in touch with all their document's properties as they work.

    Image Credits: Screen shots taken by Bruce Tyson