Photography Tips and Tricks

You can never know enough about digital photography. Here is a vast collection of photography tips and tricks. These articles are for anyone who can hold a digital camera, whether you’re a beginner photographer or a professional; I bet you’ll learn something new!

Book Review: The DSLR Field Guide by Michael Freeman

Do you ever wish that you could take advantage of all the features on your digital camera? In The DSLR Field Guide, Michael Freeman sets out to teach you how to do just that. So, if you are ready to explore your digital SLR in more depth, take a look at this pocket-sized reference book.

Book Review: The Photographer’s Eye Field Guide by Michael Freeman

In The Photographer’s Eye Field Guide, Michael Freeman offers travelers sage advice on how best to capture the shots you want while moving from place to place. Everything from the gear you should pack to tips on how to shoot famous landmarks is included in this guide for digital photographers.

Book Review: The Exposure Field Guide by Michael Freeman

Capturing well-exposed images requires a combination of good technique and lots of practice in a variety of lighting situations. It is a huge and often complicated subject matter, so just how well does The Exposure Field Guide, by Michael Freeman, explain what you need to know? Let’s find out.

Creative Photography Ideas of Children

To take creative shots of children there are several methods that you can employ for clear and impressive images. There are several methods that you can employ to get the right including the natural approach, the set-up shot and capturing action.

Book Review of The Bird Photography Field Guide by David Tipling

If you’re looking to break into the world of bird photography, take a look at The Bird Photography Field Guide. In this book, David Tipling, a professional wildlife photographer, reveals the insider secrets you need to capture some truly memorable shots of birds in their natural environment.

Book Review: The Wedding Photography Field Guide by Michelle Turner

Are you looking to break into the busy world of wedding photography? Need some tips on how to shoot those once-in-a-lifetime moments? Try “The Wedding Photography Field Guide” by Michelle Turner. It’s packed full of handy hints that are sure to give you the inspiration you need for that special day.