Photography Tips and Tricks

You can never know enough about digital photography. Here is a vast collection of photography tips and tricks. These articles are for anyone who can hold a digital camera, whether you’re a beginner photographer or a professional; I bet you’ll learn something new!

7 Tips for Shooting Magic Hour

Ask any photographer and they will tell you that one of the most important elements in photography is light. Magic hour is the first or the last hour of the day and gives opportunities for some of the most beautiful and eye-catching photos. Get some tips on catching magic hour here.

Trick Photography: How’d They Do That?

Trick photography takes a creative mind and perhaps a bit of daring experimentation. These photos are especially popular for spooking or confusing people by presenting them with an unlikely scenario. Here you will see some fun examples of trick photography and the secrets behind how they are created

Wedding Photography Image Gallery

Wedding photography, although it has become overly commercialized, is still practiced as an art by many photographers. The essence of wedding photography lies in capturing the emotions of the couple and the beauty of their relationship and that’s what this image gallery is about.

An Image Gallery of Landscape and Nature Photography

In this image gallery, a selection of landscape photographs can be viewed that reflect different styles, techniques and methods of photography. The photographs span from the 1890s through to the 2010s so the progression of photography, time and technique can be seen in the images.

Nature Photography Guide

Want to learn more on how to take spectacular photographs of nature? Here’s a detailed guide that is filled with information on equipment and techniques, covering different genres within nature photography.

Image Gallery of Sunrises and Sunsets

There is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellow hues in sunrises and sunsets. In this image gallery, sunrises and sunsets come to life through the artwork of Scott Thadd Grant. Scott gives us beautiful imagery along with tips, hints and suggestions.

An Image Gallery of Ocean and Beach Photography

Are you looking for some amazing shots of the beach or ocean for viewing pleasure or to get some ideas for your own portfolio? We have put together a terrific collection of photos of seascapes all over the world and in various settings so you can see the many traits of the sea — enjoy!

Image Gallery of Autumn Photography

Enjoy this image gallery of autumn photography, fall leaves and the beauty of the season while learning some tips on improving your own photography. Nature provides the canvas, the camera paints the picture to capture the moment forever.

Mastering the Art of Urban Landscape Photography

While many city slickers head to the country to capture beautiful landscapes, you can find great photo opportunities in your own urban backyard. This type of photography, however, does present its own challenges. Here are tips and techniques on how to effectively photograph city landscapes.