Digital Photography Software Tutorials

Photography doesn’t end with the camera, nearly anyone who owns a digital camera will also own some sort of software. There is a vast array of software out there designed with the photographer in mind, from photo editing software to file compression programs. As with anything unfamiliar, there is always a learning curve. Here you will find well written, easy to understand tutorials to help get you on your way.

Photobucket Backgrounds & Collages

Photobucket is a photo sharing site that allows you unlimited storage for your photos and to be able to share them easily with friends. Photobucket backgrounds can be used in a variety of ways including making collages and slideshows. Everything created on Photobucket can be shared.

Working with Photoshop Elements Layouts

While many people use Photoshop Elements to simply edit and publish their photography work, the program can also be used to create a number of fun and creative layouts. Whether you keep a scrapbook or just want to create some fun designs, this software gives you all the tools you need.

Creating New Photoshop Elements Backgrounds

While working on images in Photoshop Elements, there are many techniques you can use to manipulate your photographs. One of the fun methods of altering a photograph involves playing with the background in the image. Here are some things you can do with backgrounds using this software.

10 Easy & Creative Photoshop Elements Tips

Image editing software often presents a heaven or hell dilemma, depending on how familiar you are with it. Photoshop Elements 9 is a joy because of all the creative and easy tools you can use to enhance your photos. These Photoshop Elements tips will have you editing like a pro in no time.